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Adrenal Super Support and Nutritional Balance Kit

Supraglan, Milk Thistle & Multi Essentials

USD $141.85
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Yorkie Mom Opts for Holistic Regime for her Dog With Cushing’s

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Yorkie Mom Opts for Holistic Regime for her Dog With Cushing’s

Cushing’s is a complicated one. For many years, veterinary medicine did not have a drug to help a dog with Cushing’s. In such a time, Patra’s sweet beagle kid, Lady, was diagnosed with Cushing’s. Patra went on to find a herbal way out and that’s what lead to NHV! Lady lived on to be a healthy 20-year old senior pup. She inspired us to put together holistic regimes for dogs facing this condition. One of these regimes is our wellness pack called the Adrenal Support and Nutritional Balance kit.

This kit includes three essential blends for a dog with Cushing’s.

NHV Supraglan – This blend works directly at managing the symptoms of Cushing’s. It works towards reducing urination, hunger, and thirst. It also helps control adrenal production.

NHV Milk Thistle – This herbal extract helps maintain heALthy liver function. It helps keep it regenerated and detoxified. Adrenal balance and liver health work together. Milk Thistle is our second most essential part of a holistic regime for a dog with Cushing’s.

NHV Multi Essentials – This is a herbal multivitamin blend that helps maintain and restore healthy skin and coat conditions. Since that is often a concern for pets facing this condition, Multi Essentials helps a lot. It fills nutritional voids and helps maintain energy too.

Yorkie Mom, Saundra from Romania decided to pick this kit for her dog. And after using it for some time, here’s what she told us.

We started using NHV products (Supraglan, Milk Thistle & ES-Clear) in July 2017 when we discovered our 10-year-old Yorkie has Cushing. We are satisfied so far with the product, it definitely helped him a lot, he regained his energy and it reduced his water consumption. We are still working on his liver problems by increasing the dosage slowly. Even our vet said she will recommend this further as it definitely had good results for our dog.

We were able to tweak the dosage accordingly.

We are thankful to Saundra for sharing this update with us. We were able to tweak the dosage accordingly. The holistic route isn’t the same for all dogs and acts. There are some thumb rules and then there is some customization. Please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to figure out what’s best for your pet, and all natural too!

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: November 22, 2017

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