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10 Essential Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
10 Essential Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Outdoor weather means some lovely photographs for your dog’s Instagram page and some amazing stories to tell in the cold winter season that follows. The activity that tops the list of most dog parents is hiking. Hiking with a dog makes the view, in the end, a lot more special. It’s fun to see your furry pal scurry across steep slopes like a mountain goat. And to pause every now and then for a chin-scratching break.

Just like you, your dog is excited to explore new territories. As much as the wild and the mountain tops look stunningly beautiful, they are also riddled with dangers like ticks, wildlife, and lost trails. You have to be prepared! For Fido’s safety. We’ve put together a handy list of 10 tips that will help hiking dog parents feel more confident and prepared when making new memories. Here goes!

#1. Keep your hands free – For a few weeks before you start hiking, practice using a hands-free leash. It attaches to your waist instead of your hands and ensures that your dog will always be attached to you. It also leaves your hands free to do some climbing and holding if needed.

handsfree leash

#2. Practice obedience – Practice your ‘Heel’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Come’ commands thoroughly. In off-leash hike trails, there will always be distractions and dangers. Obedience is the key to a successful hike. Not only is it stressful to run after Fido trying to get him to listen to you, but an untrained dog is also a threat to other dogs and humans there. So keep your pup behaving his best.

Get your dog to drink water every time you pause for a drinking break.

#3. Hydrate your pup – Bring water along. Always. Also, carry a portable dog water bowl or some disposable paper bowls. Make sure you keep your four-legged hiking companion hydrated. Get your dog to drink water every time you pause for a drinking break. This way you will develop a healthy rhythm together.

#4. Treat your dog – Bring along some dry treats and if it is going to be a long hike then bring along your dog’s food in a safe container. By safe we mean one that can keep it fresh, cool, and dry. It is not recommended to try new food on the hilltop when your dog is going to be exerting more than usual. The last thing you want is a pooch with an upset tummy. Dogs love our My Little Wolf treats come in Salmon and Turkey flavors and are healthy dry treats to carry along.

#5. Avoid jagged surfaces – We know our best friend happily enjoys a ruff life. 🙂 But his paw pads can take a toll from all that walking. They can also turn sore and discomfort. NHV Heal Care ointment is an all-natural aid that can come in handy after a hike. Rub it on their paws for a few nights to promote healing. You can even massage it on their legs to bring relief from sore limbs and muscle discomfort.

paw pad ointment for dogs

#6. Carry an umbrella – Besides keeping you dry in an untimely shower, it will also help you break a dog fight. Yes, that can happen. There will be other dogs and sometimes they don’t get along. The old trick of popping an umbrella between two dogs showing aggression always gives you some important seconds to save your dog. By the way, pouring water on dogs also helps calm them down and break a fight.

how to prevent a dog fight

#7. Tick away – The biggest fight in the wild is against external parasites. Ticks, flea, and mosquitoes. Do your research to confirm that the place you are heading off to is not a tick-prone area. NHV Target Spray is an all-natural tick, flea, and mosquito deterrent. It has no chemicals and works effectively. Keep it handy and spray on your dog every few hours, when hiking.

natural anti tick spray for dogs

#8. Keep a towel handy – In case you notice your dog getting too hot, you can place a damp towel underneath. It works better than the common practice of placing it on his head.

#9. Just keep swimming – If the hike involves a dip in the pool (Awesome, by the way), please make sure your dog gets to dry off in the sun. Use a towel to clean his ears, paws, and armpits specifically. And once dry, spray the NHV Target spray again.

dog swimming

#10. Respect the wild – Steer clear of any plants that seem poisonous or ones that you are unsure about. Here’s a list of some common plants that are poisonous to dogs and cats. Dogs can attract wildlife like cougars and bears. Be prepared with the necessary protection in case you have a wild encounter.

Once home from your exciting hiking adventure, don’t forget to share all those photographs with us on Instagram, and don’t forget to give your dog a warm bath. If your furry pal is older but still loves to hike, you can naturally support his joints to aid easier and more comfortable movement. NHV Old timer is a great herbal remedy for senior dogs and cats. Adding the right dosage to your dog’s food, twice a day can make it a comfortable hiking trip for him with no sore limbs and joints later. Another great supplement for dogs of outdoor-loving parents is NHV Yucca. It is a herbal extract that helps relieve discomfort, soothe muscles, and aid digestion.

Find other useful summer tips for your dog in our article here. Did we miss anything? Do share your experience and tips with us. Every day in the outdoors is a lesson in itself. Your stories and tips will be very helpful. Let our pet experts know if you have any questions, we are here to help. Happy Hiking, folks!

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Published: July 28, 2017

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