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Liver Detox And Support Kit

Milk Thistle & Turmeric

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16 year old Malamute tripawd picks pet remedies over human meds

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16 year old Malamute tripawd picks pet remedies over human meds

Shadow is a special dog. We know this from our long conversations with her mom, Cara. But unfortunately, there isn’t much the traditional vet medicine box can offer for pet anxiety. For many years, this malamute girl has been dealing with anxiety with the help of human meds. These meds take their toll. We’re happy to share that at 16 years old, Shadow the tripawd, has found natural help.

Let’s start this story with Shadow’s mom’s words. Cara is from North Carolina.

My girl has been on (human) anxiety meds for years. She is almost 16 and I just knew there had to be a better way. I don’t even remember how I found NHV, but I am so grateful that I did. Jade has been amazing, working with us to find what all she needs to be on to give her the best quality of life, to protect this beautiful creature. Shad is my heartbeat, my soul dog, my baby. She has NEVER had it easy, not for one day, but I pray that we can make her golden years, finally, GOLDEN. Thank you!
malamute tripawd dog holistic remedies anxiety cancer dog

We thank Cara for the lovely words. Shad or little bear as we now call this dog had a complicated situation. Having had cancer in the past, along with extreme anxiety issues, we had to divide Shad’s holistic plan into two parts. We started the first round with our herbal calming blend Lesstress and our medicinal mushroom immunity boost, Natures Immuno. Lesstress was chosen as a natural alternative to the strong human anxiety meds Shad was used to. Natures Immuno was chosen to give her immunity a power boost and keep cancer in remission. With the first round over, Shad is now set for a second round in which we do a much-needed liver detox for her with the help of regular doses of Milk Thistle. This will help undo the damage caused by the long-term usage of anxiety meds. We have also added Turmeric to her regimen, because not only is it anti-inflammatory and beneficial for the vitals, it is also anti-cancer and helps with dementia which often sets in, in older dogs.

Cara told us about her concern for Shadow’s arthritis. Thus, the second round of remedies also includes a bottle of Old Timer and Yucca, to help this senior tripawd girl move more comfortably on three legs. We are positive these remedies will help Shadow stay comfortable and healthy. Shadow’s holistic regimen will tweak each time. Her anxiety will need to be addressed each time, arthritis and liver support will continue too. But we will occasionally throw in a cancer blend to make sure the cancer is also curtailed.

We wish our little Bear all the health and tail wags!

Update January 31, 2018

We are so happy to hear Shadow is doing well and thriving. She has encountered many obstacles affecting her health from cancer and anxiety, to arthritis. Luckily for Shadow, she’s always received the care she deserves. Watch her gobble NHV supplements on a yummy piece of bread.

shadow malamute milkthistle turmeric

We urge pet parents to keep coming back to us with updates. Holistic support is not the same for every dog or cat. Even if two dogs are the same weight, their doses can differ. Even if two pets have the same condition, their remedies can differ. We might need to alter the regimen every 2-3 months. It is always advised to keep your NHV Pet Expert updated with your pet’s health and be prepared to make changes as needed. If you happen to be a pet parent to an adorable baby like Shadow who needs holistic help, please reach out to us. We’d love to help.

Update May 2018

Beautiful Shadow crossed the rainbow bridge. We send lots of love to her mom Cara and we thank her for giving us a chance to help Shadow. We got to know her only in her very senior year but we are happy that towards the end, we could help make her days discomfort-free and healthy. Mom Cara got the chance to pamper Shad with a lot of love.

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Published: October 14, 2017

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