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3 New Year Resolutions your pets want you to make

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
3 New Year Resolutions your pets want you to make

Did you know there is a day called Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day? It’s ‘celebrated’ on January 17 and is literally a day to let go of the crazy resolutions we make every new year and then fail miserably at. Well, that’s exactly what this article is about. Making resolutions you can keep, kickstarting a habit that is good for you and those around you. Especially for the little furry ones who are dependent on you. So we thought…why not take notes from those little furry ones themselves? Don’t our lives revolve around their needs anyway! Here are three things that would probably top Rover and Tigger’s list of resolutions for you, dear mommy and daddy.

1. Start cooking. Even if it’s just one meal.

The lifestyle choices we make, directly impact our furkids

The lifestyle choices we make, directly impact our furkids. We grab cereal for breakfast or a coffee on the go and we choose the same convenience for our pets in the form of kibbles or quick-dry food. Ever heard of the rainbow bridge quote, ‘If love alone could keep you here, you’d never have left. Well if love can motivate us enough to drop this convenience, and get up and cook, then we might just be able to keep them with us a little longer. What we feed our pets is what determines how healthy and long their lives are going to be. A simple trick like making a mix of veggies and meat and topping up their food with it will bring some real food with much-needed moisture into their diets. This new year resolve to incorporate this habit into your lifestyle and cook for your pets. Cook for yourself too. Less processed food for everyone, that’s the way to go! Here’s a recipe that can get you started.

DIY: Healthy home-made food for your cat with all essential supplements

2. Make time for impromptu walks and chin scratches

We’ve all been there. You’re running late for work. 2 minutes more and you’ll probably miss the morning huddle. Just right then your cat comes head bonking, asking for belly rubs. But you have to leave him disappointed and run to work feeling awful about leaving your cat alone like that. The next morning? Repeat.  It’s about time you accepted you’re a pet parent. You are going to need as many extra 5 minutes as possible. You will be asked for impromptu chin scratches, belly rubs, walkies, ball fetching, treats, pooping trips, playtime.. the list is long. Your pets would really want you to have time for those random demands. This new year, resolve to get ready for everything before time. So that you are never rushing and always have a little extra time on your hands for your pets. So that you don’t go to work or to that dinner feeling miserable.

3. Be one with nature. Learn from your pets

Hold those horses. This is not just another piece of advice to go hiking with your cat or go snowboarding with your dog. Sure if you’re into those adventures, then why not! But what we mean here is simply learn from your pets. They want the sunshine, they want to watch the birds, chase the squirrels, and roll in the grass. So make sure you draw the curtains, let them out on the patio, take them for walks in new spots and let the smells invigorate them. Breathe in the fresh air while walking your dog. Take a moment to enjoy your surroundings and not think of the dog walk as a chore. Think of it as a little break for yourself too!


Try to pick nature whenever possible. Choose the park over a cafe. Choose a walk over your laptop. Choose natural over chemicals. That’s how your pets want it. A natural and holistic lifestyle doesn’t really ask for a lot of preparation. This year, start taking small steps towards it. For instance, here’s how you can make your apartment a fun natural hangout for your cat.

Important clarification: Your pets also want you to resolve to give them larger portions of meals, every next hour. They want you to resolve to never go to work and just snuggle in bed with them. They also want you to resolve to never stop them from chewing on your sofa or shredding your curtains. Well, those are the resolutions you need to ignore. 🙂 But keep those three!

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Published: December 30, 2017

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