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6 Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Health in the New Year

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
Happy Mew Year! With the new year comes lots of opportunities in which you can improve your pet's health.

With the incoming new year comes an opportunity for better health and wellness! Here are 6 easy ways you can help improve your pet’s health!

1. Change Your Love Language

One common mistake many furparents are guilty of is their love language towards their furkids! Many of us can admit to showing our love to our furkiddos through food, but anything in excess can lead to future health concerns. To avoid health conditions in the future, such as obesitydiabetes, and joint issues, furparents can strive to adopt a new love language with something that can improve their pet’s health! For example, consider changing your love language to quality time – whether that is spent cuddling on the couch or going for an afternoon walk. Adding our Multi Essentials and Petomega 3 can aid in making sure your little ones get the proper vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids that their bodies require even with the diet change and reduction of treats. 

Making sure our furkids live happy, healthy lives means everything to us furparents. Try out these tips that can help improve your pet's health!

2. Exercise to Improve Your Pet’s Health

Want to get outdoors more in the new year? Planning to become more active? Want your little one to join you? Physical activity with your little one can be a great aid for their overall health, and will also allow you to spend some precious quality time with them. No matter your furkiddo’s age, they still require a certain amount of physical activity throughout their day, to not only provide them with physical stimulation but also cognitive stimulation. Should your little one be a senior sweetheart, you may want to aid them in their overall joint and muscle health so that they can continue to benefit from daily physical activity. We recommend our Joint Problems Kit 2, to support overall joint and muscle health, so that you and your little one can go on this new year’s adventure together!

3. Learn New Tricks

Whether your little one is young and still learning or golden-aged like a fine wine, they are never too young or too old to learn new tricks. It’s an overall great bonding experience, with added health benefits! New tricks provide them with cognitive stimulation, aid them physically, teach them new skills, and also allow for more one-on-one quality time with them. Do you feel like your furkiddo is more nervous learning new things? No problem, our Lesstress, and Matricalm are great aids in anti-anxiety and stress, and will naturally soothe them along the way. 

4. New Hair, New Me

Want to update your furriend’s hair-do? Wishing to maintain their luscious locks? There are so many ways that you can support your furkiddo in rocking a healthy and happy skin and coat! A balanced diet alongside our NHV supplements is a pawsome way to start. Our Pro Hair n’ Fur Bundle is a comprehensive set of supplements, which can aid in making sure your little one rocks a great hair-do all year-’round! Don’t forget to make sure to spend some quality time brushing out your furkiddo’s hair and fur.

5. Can I Get Some TLC?

Considering treating yourself to some spa days in the new year? Why not treat your furbaby to some as well? No matter the size or age of your little one, just like us, they need some TLC, too. Show your furkiddo some love with at-home paw massages – use our NHV Heal Care as an added aid against the natural elements and overall paw health. Since the new year also brings new weather, pay close attention to your little one’s toe beans!

6. Socialite

You may have noticed over the holiday season that your furbaby may be more anxious and/or cautious around new faces. As furparents, we sometimes forget that the holidays can be a bit stressful for our furkids, since they may not be used to meeting so many new people at once. To avoid this anxiety, consider slowly introducing new faces into your furbaby’s regular routine. Have a friend or family member come over for a play-date! Make sure to have a slow and steady introduction process to put both your furkiddo and your house guest at ease. You may also wish to have our Lesstress and/or Matricalm supplement on hand for some extra anti-stress and anxiety support. Do a new play-date every so often, so once the next holiday season arrives, the faces at the party will no longer be new and your furbaby can enjoy the festivities with all their hooman friends! Now they are the furry socialite of the party!

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, we hope it’s filled with lots of love and warmth for you and your furry friends!

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: December 29, 2021

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