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Milk Thistle for Dogs

Support for liver and kidney detox and cancer support in dogs

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4 Pet Health Problems Your Proactivity Can Help Prevent

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
4 Pet Health Problems Your Proactivity Can Help Prevent

We’ve successfully humanized our pets, haven’t we? Just like us, they eat convenient meals (highly processed kibble), don’t get enough exercise, and potential pet health issues are not dealt with until they become real health problems. An increasing number of pets nowadays have “human” health problems too – liver failure, cancer, obesity, seizures, just to name a few.

The great news is as humans we are learning the benefits of preventative medicine for ourselves, so why not pass this idea onto our pets? In fact, so many health problems our cats and dogs face may be avoided by nutrition, the right amount of exercise, supplementation, integrative therapy, and early screening. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated (we totally get you’re busy as pet parents). Picking a good nutritious dog food from the store is a great first step, just be sure to include some variety as well (maybe add a homemade food topper), since feeding them one type of food for their whole lives also causes problems.

Sadly, certain genetic disorders or the damage from a wrecked past cannot be avoided. Sometimes, no matter what steps you take,  an unfortunate diagnosis comes out of nowhere. Still, prevention is better than disease treatment. All pet parents want to give their furkids the healthiest and longest life possible. Proactive pet parenting is what can really make this possible.

Here’s a list of common pet health ailments and some proactive steps you can take to help your pet now.

1. Liver failure and Cushing’s disease

Although sometimes necessary, over-vaccination or prolonged use of steroids takes a huge toll on a pet’s liver. These steroids bring short-term relief, but they might also pull pet health into a loop of side effects. Proper steps need to be taken to balance the body so that any side effects of the disease treatment can be managed. For a pet who has been exposed to strong drugs or steroids for a long time, adrenal disorders, elevated liver enzymes, and liver failure are almost inevitable. When a pet is on steroids, be sure to choose a diet rich in nutrients, and add in food toppers that include antioxidant-rich foods like green veggies and cranberries.

It’s also very important to include including liver-detoxifying herbs in the diet. Milk Thistle is the most popular herb to help support the liver, as studies have shown it helps to regenerate the liver as well as detoxify it. Read Obby’s tale (picture below) about how Milk Thistle helped after liver damage from seizure drugs.

As Cushing’s and adrenal disorders can be a side effect of steroid use, using a blend like NHV Supraglan is one of the very few herbal blends for pets available for adrenal system support. as a preventative offers extra support for the adrenal and pituitary systems. Supraglan is one of the very few herbal blends for pets available for adrenal and pituitary system support.

Obby dog seizures milk thistle NHV

2. Obesity and Diabetes

Our pets might always want the cookies in the jar and the leftovers on our plates, but they can’t help themselves with it. A treat here and there is okay. After all, who can say no to those puppy eyes and consistent meows! However, if you ensure they eat nutritious and well-balanced diets overall then your pets can be the right weight for their breed, move more comfortably and have healthier blood sugar levels. Just coupling regular dog food or cat food with a portion of home-prepared veggie and meat mix can do the job. Here’s an easy recipe for a healthy pet!

Be a little clever with their exercise needs. We know it’s quite a struggle with a demanding 9-to-5 job but remember your pet depends on you for mental stimulation and physical activity. Dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers are prone to diabetes. Poodles, Schnauzers, and Dachshunds are some breeds prone to diabetes. Most cats are prone to diabetes and obesity, particularly the exotic breeds, Persian cats, Ragamuffins, and Birman kitties. Research and prepare accordingly. Herbal multivitamin blends like NHV Multi Essentials can help enhance the nutrition of the food your pet eats, boost energy and promote metabolism. NHV Mellit can be included as a blood sugar level support in the diets of pets showing early signs of diabetes.


Here’s a list of health problems certain dog breeds are prone to.

Here’s a list of health problems certain cat breeds are prone to.

Crazy cat lady corner NHV Natural pet Products

3. Arthritis

Old age brings its problems. Our older pets will slow down, eat less, play more gently, and tire quickly. Hip and joint aches are unavoidable for aging bones and muscles. However, what we can ensure is reduced inflammation and discomfort. Getting a softer bed, placing stairs to beds and sofas your pet frequents, avoiding sudden movements and allowing our pet to warm up and cool down, and offering a rich protein diet to promote muscle strengthening are some little things we can start doing when our pets are still middle-aged.

Including moisture from wet food in a pet’s diet will really help him or her in senior years. A simple snack like bone broth can do the bit. Introducing herbal supplements like our Old Timer, Turmeric, and Yucca a little earlier is always better than starting when a pet is already limping. Fish oils, like NHV PetOmega 3 are highly recommended by holistic veterinarians for aging pets, as they help with arthritis and inflammation. Small and longish dog breeds are prone to IVDD, while larger dogs are prone to hip dysplasia. Such proactive care will help these dogs a lot!


Here are some more tips to care for older dogs and cats.

TEDDY, this cutie pie is on NHV Old Timer for nerve pain. Teddy's mom was referred to NHV by Dr. Raditic, assistant professor at the University of Tennessee.
TEDDY, this cutie pie is on NHV Old Timer for nerve discomfort. Teddy’s mom was referred to NHV by Dr. Raditic, assistant professor at the University of Tennessee.

4. Kidney disease

Most older cats and dogs will start experiencing renal health troubles at some point. These are more common in senior cats than dogs. Renal problems surface in various forms – urinary tract infections, bladder stones, struvite stones, High BUN levels! There is no denying the fact that as pets age, kidneys start over working and certain problems are almost inevitable. But what’s possible to do is prolong the health of the kidneys.

Diet changes, herbal supplementation, and monitoring will help.

Diet changes, herbal supplementation, and monitoring will help. Water or hydration is even more important for older pets because it will encourage kidneys to eliminate toxins. This hydration can come in the form of coconut water, wet food or some homemade broth. Pets with renal disease will need to limit the amount of phosphorus in their diet. The type of protein they will be better able to process will be vary depending on the stage of kidney disease they are in. Monitoring your pets kidney function with veterinary testing is very important as pets age. Starting a vet-formulated natural kidney supporting herbal blend like Tripsy early is also a very proactive and wise decision for older pets.

cat patches kidney failure arthrotis NHV

Preventative pet medicine, just like preventative human medicine, can save our fur babies from avoidable diseases and worsening conditions. We hope these tips help you take a holistic step towards your pet’s long life span. NHV Pet Experts would love to help you out further and decide exactly what it is that your pet needs to be healthier. We would love to work along with your vet to help your furkid live healthier for longer, naturally!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: January 13, 2018

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