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You’ve Got A Friend In Me: Ease Anxiety In A Multi-Pet Home

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
rosie and rogie lying together and bart with the cat

Is there really anything better than having a pet? YES! Having more than one pet, of course.

More than 60% of households in North America have multi-pet families. This can be a combination of dogs, cats and other pets such as birds or small/large animals.

It’s not always easy to introduce new pets to your home and some pets do not take kindly. The new kid on the block often causes anxiety on the others that need to share the love of their family.

We have some members of the NHV family who have multiple pets under one roof. Bunny and Sorin are loved very much by their pawrents. Sadly, Bunny and Sorin have crossed the rainbow bridge. Their pawrents decided to adopt a gorgeous pair of tabby’s to honor their kitty’s who had passed.

Enter: Rogie and Rosie!

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A post shared by Rogie And Rosie And Bart (@the_bunny_and_sorin_family) on

Rogie has proven to be more relaxed and outgoing than his sister Rosie. She is more of a loner and likes to be in control of her surroundings. The pair have managed to settle in and are living the good life!

Rosie has some issues with changes in the household such as the adoption of Bart, a loving senior dog with a heart of gold. Rosie began experiencing some anxiety and started to over-groom which caused some hair loss on her tail. When Rosie’s pawrents contacted NHV, we recommended the use of Matricalm. Matricalm helps to ease anxiety and aggression in pets. It does this by helping to calm the nervous system, create a feeling of relaxation and naturally reduces anxiety.

Rosie began to share space with Bart and Rogie without all the hissing and dramatics. Bart and Rogie are feeling more relaxed in Rosie’s presence and they’re turning into the very happy family they are!

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A post shared by Rogie And Rosie And Bart (@the_bunny_and_sorin_family) on

With the changes happening in the household, all three pets are now using Matricalm to help ease the tension and lower the anxiety. 

And then, 2020 started with this amazing news:

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Breakthrough alert!!! – This is not a drill! Repeat. This is NOT a drill! We thought that Rosie was doing amazing when on Christmas Day, she and Rog did this adorable back to back snuggle. Welp… this totally blows that out of the water. Miss Rosie took it upon herself to make BISCUITS immediately beside Bart on the furbabies favorite blankie, then decided she needed to lay down pressed up against him🙀🙀🙀 I adore how much progress these 3 are making, and a huge contributing factor in that progress is @nhvnaturalpet and @originalbachflower. Between her Matricalm and Crab Apple, Rosie has calmed WAAAAAAY down. It’s amazing what the right products can do when you have a furbaby with stress and anxiety issues. Thank you both! (Not sponsored) – #rogieandrosie #cat #catstagram #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #coi #coicommunity #tabby #tabbycat #catlady #specialneedscat #differentlyabled #disabledcat #differentlyabledcat #catladytribe #catmom #crazycatlady #tripawd #3leggedcat #threeleggedcat #amputee #tripawdlife #tripawdcatsquad #strokesurvivor #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram #blackdog #breakthrough #friday

A post shared by Rogie And Rosie And Bart (@the_bunny_and_sorin_family) on

NHV Pet Experts Tips

Remember that these introductions should be done slowly and if possible, on neutral territory. When that’s not possible, keeping pets in rooms separated by doors/barriers until they’ve become used to each other’s scent is best. This can prevent fights and keep everyone safe while allowing them to acclimatize. The use of treats, positive reinforcement and supplements such as Matricalm and Lesstress can help to create a loving household with multiple pets.

Published: January 8, 2020

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