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Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Fighter Pack

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A touching tale of a cat dad and his promise to never give up

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A touching tale of a cat dad and his promise to never give up

Every pet parent always remembers two days distinctly. The day you bring your pet home for the first time and the day you say your last goodbye. Your heartaches and everything remind you of your furry friend. You imagine how joyful and peaceful life must be across the rainbow bridge and your heart finds solace. With time the tears turn into smiles and your heart decides to love again.

Aaron lost his cats, Smoker and Midnight, after 20 years of living together.





He was still battling the empty feeling when he decided to head to ASPCA to find another fur companion. He found two! Two little kittens. Aaron was excited to start the journey again. He was ready to overcome the grief and give these kitties a loving home. He had so much to share with them. But sadly, days after Aaron had settled in, ASPCA called to share bad news. His kittens weren’t going to make it. They had feline leukemia. The vets suggested putting them down. But Aaron wasn’t ready for another heartbreak. He decided to fight for little Crush and Charlotte. This is the story of this catdad’s promise to never give up.

The rest of the story is in the words of Aaron.

Not much of a wordsmith, so bear with me.

I was the proud owner of 2 wonderful kitties I lost after 20+ years (they were brothers). It was hard but after a few months went by I decided to go to my local ASPCA to see about adopting new kittens. I found my kittens. We kind of picked each other as they were both instantly drawn to me (and me to them). 8 week old Brother and Sister.

felv kittens Crush and charlotte at 2 months old

They had both been tested, fixed and given up to date shots. I took them home and gave them names. Sister is named Charlotte. She is the smaller mostly grey one. Brother is named Crush. He is the larger more white kitty.

After a few days I got a call from my local ASPCA asking me to bring my kittens back for further testing. It turns out the kittens parents were also brought to the shelter and tested positive for feline leukemia. After picking my heart off the floor, I proceeded to tell them I was going to take them to my vet for further testing. I was not confident in their testing methods. Well sure enough, Crush tested positive for feline leukemia. On top of that he was already sneezing and sniffling a lot. Charlotte did not test positive. The vet informed me he was already battling an infection/virus and may not make it. I was advised to take them back to the ASPCA to have them put down. Or be ready for a hard battle with health problems and vet bills. As being around her brother, Charlotte was certainly going to get it too.

I decided to do as much research as I could. Talk to as many people as I could about the situation. I had already fallen in love with my kittens and was pretty sure there was no way I could give up on them. After figuring out that the condition was not a death sentence, and that they could live a happy life I decided to fight with them.

I found quite a few pet owners that had great success keeping their pets healthy with proper diet, a clean environment, keeping them inside, good water, adding supplements…..and of course LOVE.

My research led me to NHV! I am positive that the NHV is a HUGE part of keeping their immune system built-up enough to fight off most problems naturally. And that is a big part of it. There are other drugs out there that claim to do the same thing, but with confusing and concerning ingredients. I want to know what I am giving my kittens. I am more than confident in NHV and the ingredients were clearly indicated and safe.

I am also supplementing their diet with Sodium Ascorbate Crystals.

Below is a list of the food they get and how. Diet includes:

Cat Chow Naturals hard food in a feeder for anytime food.
Clean spring water daily
Royal Canin Kitten instinctive wet food for mixing with supplements every other day.
Natural Balance wet food for mixing with supplements every other day.


Best part is they are both VERY healthy. Crush has been to the vet 1 time as he got a little mopey. Got some fluids and meds and was fine in a few days. Charlotte has yet to get sick in any way, and had yet to test positive for feline leukemia. Surprisingly she tested Crush again and found no sign of the leukemia. She said remission is possible, but not to get my hopes up. He will be tested again in a few months. But they are both very happy and healthy kitties!!! As so am I!!!

Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for our pets!!!!!!!

– Aaron Paul

feline leukemia
feline leukemia

Here are some pictures of Aaron’s previous cats.

Black and white kitty is Midnight. Gray kitty is Smoker. And you will notice their ears. They both developed a bad hematoma. They were very wild outdoor kitties. I actually found them in a box on the side of the road and rescued them as tiny little kittens.

feline leukemia
feline leukemia

Such a heartwarming story. We applaud Aaron for giving Crush and Charlotte a chance at enjoying life and sharing his world with them. A promise to a pet is a promise forever. Aaron promised to fight and never give up. It’s true that FeLV kitties can have some downtimes and maybe a shorter time with us, but that’s no reason to deny them the life a cat deserves.

It might be a rugged ride ahead, but it is still going to be a beautiful one that Aaron will cherish forever. Crush and Charlotte are taking things one happy day at a time. Just like any other cat. Napping on the sofa, meow-ing their human awake, and playing with everything you don’t want them to play with. Take a look at some of these cute pictures Aaron shared with us. Can you imagine giving these babies up? As you scroll down you will also find a picture of our Feline Leukemia Fighter Pack.

feline leukemia
Claiming daddy’s chair as theirs
feline leukemia
Hugging each other – Crush and Charlotte

We are there to help Aaron with the holistic help the kitties need. NHV Felimm is a herbal power punch that fights infections of all kinds. It helps boost the body’s immune system to be able to cope with the symptoms infections like FeLV create. Crush and Charlotte take NHV Felimm religiously. They are now a little over 9 months old and as they grow and as symptoms occur, we are there to tweak their holistic regimen to help them fight. We are determined to help Aaron keep his promise. We love your pets, naturally!

Cat dads promise to FeLV cats 242438765 1080x1080 F30 3

Here’s an excerpt from our lead holistic vet’s blog about FeLV. Understanding Feline Leukemia  with Dr. Hillary Cook

The treatment for Feline leukemia is mainly supportive and includes the treating of infection, anemia, and immune suppression that occurs from this disease. 

Leukemia-positive cats and kittens should be kept indoors to keep them from contracting other diseases due to their weakened immune system, and to keep them from spreading the disease. 

Stress in cats should be avoided as stress lowers the immune system of cats, making it more difficult for them to fight off other infections that they may contract. 

There are a few natural supplements that I like to use to aid with the disease.

  • NHV Matricalm is great to help with stress.
  • Felimm, which helps to combat the overall symptoms of the virus, including strengthening a weakened immune system and increasing the ability to fight infections.
  • Milk Thistle is a great addition as it helps support the liver

In addition, I recommend a high-quality diet—which is high in protein, clean water, and a clean environment. Adding antioxidants, as well as overall vitamins like NHV Multi Essentials and fish oils like PetOmega further increases the chance for survival. 

An informed cat guardian is the best chance of survival for kitties everywhere. If you need any additional advice, you can speak to your veterinarian, or contact me for a holistic online veterinary consultation, or ask your friendly NHV pet experts.

Please get in touch with us to help your kitty fight with FeLV holistically. We would love to work along with your vet at making your FeLV kitty’s life more comfortable and healthy.

NHV Feline Leukemia Fighter Pack helps rescue cat cope with FeLV

Buddy bounces back with NHV Feline Leukemia Fighter Pack

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: February 1, 2018

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