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Hamish the Cat Gets Natural Support During Chemotherapy

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Hamish the Cat Gets Natural Support During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy – it kills cancer cells but is it the right thing to do? Many pet parents are hesitant to start chemo treatment for their fur babies because some believe it can cause even more damage to their little bodies and compromise their quality of life.

It’s true, the side effects can be daunting but depending on your little one’s type of cancer, chemotherapy is often what vets recommend to aggressively tackle cancer. In some situations, a vet or a vet oncologist will advise against it. But when it is advised to go for chemo, that doesn’t mean it’s all downhill from there. While chemo does work hard at killing cancer cells, NHV natural supplements can help support their entire body and keep it strong during their treatments. They can help protect your healthier cells from any chemo damage, as far as is naturally possible.

For instance, Milk Thistle!

Milk Thistle is used today as anticancer support. Studies are showing that Milk thistle extract has an effect against cancer. This could be because Milk Thistle has very good antioxidant properties, which act as free radical scavengers. Research is showing that it may in fact help reduce or slow down the growth of certain cancer cells, and may protect and prevent cells from dividing in your cat’s body. It could also be beneficial for cats undergoing chemotherapy as silymarium may enhance the activity of certain chemo drugs.

Hamish our handsome friend is a sweet, slightly elder kitty, who has been diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. This type of cancer is tough, he had to turn to chemotherapy to help combat that. As Hamish was going through his treatments, his family was noticing that he was always tired and not a bouncy kitty. So, they turned to us to help their beautiful boy cope during this tough battle. Here’s what his mum Nicole has shared:

Hamish is 12 years old and was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma in August of this year. We decided to do chemotherapy and also NHV products. During the first few weeks of chemo, Hamish slept a lot and we weren’t sure if it was working he was also very anemic. Once the herbs arrived I right away administered them to him and within half an hour Hamish perked up. Since then Hamish has been doing his herbs twice a day and sailing through chemo. He has had six treatments once a week and now is doing them every other week. 

He has his energy back, is running around again, has more of an appetite, and his anemia is getting better. 

I know that Hamish couldn’t come through this chemo as well without these products. I am forever grateful.

We love sharing stories such as Hamish’s to inspire other pet parents and let them know that there is support available to help their fur babies through difficult times, especially when dealing with cancer. Thank you Nicole for keeping us posted on your sweet boy, we will continue to be there every step of the way so Hamish can keep on sailing through his chemo treatments like a champ!

hamish the cat with lymphoma

Hamish is currently taking 4 supplements to help combat the large cell lymphoma and to keep him strong during his chemo treatments.

NHV Lymphoma Gold Support kit includes a powerful combination of herbs that will help your pet fight this awful disease. The kit has:

NHV ES Clear – Our main cancer supplement. This blend gives the body strength, supports the immune system, and is known to reduce cancer cells from developing.

NHV Felimm – Designed to help strengthen your cat’s weakened immune system, detoxify the lymph system, and fight infection.

NHV Tripsy – Formulated to support the kidneys (which is extremely important when the system is trying to cope with Lymphoma!)

In addition, NHV Milk Thistle is beneficial to help improve kidney function. It helps to support a pet’s kidneys that may be damaged due to the use of drugs and radiation therapy, and for kidney damage caused by diabetes or infections. It is also beneficial to help remove toxins that can be caused by conventional medicine.

If you know a pet who is getting chemotherapy, please spread the holistic word and let them know – there is natural support with NHV.

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Published: November 19, 2018

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