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Tripsy™ for cats

Supplement for kidney, renal and bladder problems in cats

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Supporting These Three Kitties – Nino, Tipper, and Oz’s Story

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Nino, Tipper, and Oz each have unique personalities and unique health concerns. Their furmama Stacey reached out to us for some extra support and we're so grateful to have been able to help.

As pet parents, we all love our furkiddo’s as if they were our own kids. Even when the going gets tough, we’re always here with our love and support. That’s exactly what furmama Stacey did for her three boys Nino, Tipper, and Oz. We’re so glad that we’ve been able to help this little furmily, supporting these three kitties really means everything to us.

We know that watching as your little one goes through illness is never easy. They could be uncomfortable, or just not the same kitty as they were before. All we can do as furparents is support them as best as we can so that they can live a comfortable and happy life. We’re supurrr proud of Stacey for doing all that and more for her boys!

Nino (aka Romeo) is a rescue kitty who was found with injured hind legs. His injury caused a leaky bladder which eventually caused kidney problems. Nino also had arthritis. We suggested Tripsy, Milk Thistle, Old Timer, Turmeric, and Maris to help him feel better and he's since been doing great!

Nino’s Story and Regimen

Thankfully rescued by Stacey, Nino is an adorable kitty who deserves so much love! When Nino came into Stacey’s life, he was found with injured hind legs. The injury caused a leaking bladder which later caused kidney issues. On top of that, our furriend Nino also had arthritis.

To help Nino feel more comfortable and happy, Stacey decided to try out Tripsy, Milk Thistle, Old Timer, Turmeric, and Maris for her little guy. When used together, these powerful yet gentle supplements can help to support healthy kidney and liver function, help manage arthritis symptoms, and can provide kitties with discomfort, inflammation, and constipation relief.

Not long after, Stacey reached out to us to let us know that Old Timer was helping to support her kitties who had developed arthritis. We were so thrilled about the news!

“I have been using this on 2 cats that have now developed arthritis. I actually think I notice a difference. They seem to have more energy and play around and climb whatever they can climb.”
Tipper has Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), which can be very uncomfortable for a little kitty. We suggested Plantaeris, Inulin-PK and Yucca to help our furriend back on track and he's thankfully feeling relieved!

Supporting Tipper’s IBD

Stacey’s other furkiddo, Tipper, is an 11-year-old sweetheart that was dealing with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). This condition can be so uncomfortable for a little kitty so we can’t imagine how stressful this must have been for Stacey and Tipper. 

In Tipper’s case, we recommended Plantaeris, Inulin-PK, and Yucca. These supplements can be used to help promote normal bowel function, soothe discomfort, support gastrointestinal tract health, and can help stimulate a healthy appetite. We were so excited when Stacey let us know that Tipper had made great improvements while on Plantaeris and Inulin-PK!

Our newest supplement, TumFlora, could also be a good addition as it’s our main IBD and gastrointestinal health support. TumFlora can also help to reduce discomfort while improving natural intestinal flora.

Oz is Tipper's littermate and is thankfully all well and healthy! Oz takes supplements like Tripsy as a preventative measure as it can help with maintaining healthy kidney function.

Keeping Oz Healthy and Happy

Oz, who is littermates with Tipper and a big momma’s boy, is thankfully doing well. This sweet boy takes Tripsy just like his brothers do, but he takes it just as a preventative measure.

“I have been using this for all 3 of my boys and I feel like I notice a difference for urine/bladder care. I love that I am using natural products too.”

All of our supplements are totally safe to be taken as proactive support and we hope that furparents and furkiddos that want to do that find great success from it!

Our supplements can work as a great preventative measure for your furkiddos

Stacey has done such a great job at taking care of her musketeers and we’re so grateful to have been here supporting these three kitties alongside their furmama. We can’t wait to hear more great news from this adorable bunch!

If you ever need anything or just want to chat, our pet experts are always here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Click here to start!

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Published: May 5, 2021

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