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Deaf, Blind and Unstoppable: Trusty’s Story

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Deaf, Blind and Unstoppable: Trusty’s Story

Trusty’s amazing mama Julie adopted this beautiful deaf, blind, and unstoppable old soul from a shelter at age 14. Trusty came with an extensive list of health issues, being deaf, blind, and living with a collapsed trachea and bronchial issues. He also lives with a stage 3 Heart Murmur and arthritis… You can say Trusty has been through it all, but you can bet that this old man is as strong and steady as ever.

trusty-cateracts-blog-nhv Caring For A Blind Dog
Deaf, Blind and Unstoppable: Trusty’s Story

We met Trusty’s mama, Julie this summer. She was worried about Trusty’s cough since the vet prescribed medication would only last for an hour and a half before he would start coughing again. His mama reached out after purchasing Stimmune and Resp-Aid to help with his respiratory issues and cough.

I was getting very little sleep, I just can’t let him cough all night alone. With the Stimmune and Resp-Aid that I purchased from you, both Trusty and I get way more sleep. We have to get up once maybe twice a night and only for about 15 minutes. He has also been coughing less during the day, but nights were always the worst for him. It is a blessing!

We were so happy to hear that Trusty and his mama were finally getting relief and were able to both sleep more. There’s nothing worse than hearing your furbaby uncomfortable and coughing all night so we’re so happy he was starting to improve.

I also purchased Turmeric and Hearty-Heart from you. He has a stage three heart murmur. I’m excited to say I can see an improvement in his energy level. He was trying to play the other day, he would get his front legs down and his butt in the air and then hop, wagging his tail the whole time. He even tried to bay, but being deaf not much sound came out. I was almost in tears and didn’t get a video. I am so grateful I found NHV and will continue to use it for Trusty and I’m looking into purchasing some things for my other Beagle Wilbur. Thank you!

Hearing that Trusty is back to himself and playing around warms our hearts! Old age can certainly take a huge toll on the body, but it doesn’t always have to mean our furbabies need to slow down. Trusty is a great example of a pooch who defies all odds against his body and stays young at heart. Just look at him happy as ever in his favorite place!

Trusty takes Stimmune and Resp-Aid to help with his respiratory issues and cough. Resp-Aid helps with deep coughs, bronchial congestion, bronchitis, helps ease chest and nose congestion, and helps relieve shortness of breath, and supports healthy breathing which has been essential for helping Trusty breathe easier at night and cough less. Stimmune helps relieve a variety of symptoms related to food and environmental allergies and helps support a healthy balance of the immune system in pets with conditions such as autoimmune disease.

Hearty-Heart helps Trusty with his stage 3 heart murmur as it supports his heart, valves, and the pulmonary system to help improve blood flow, breathing, appetite, coughing weakness, and restlessness. Trusty also takes Turmeric which can be helpful for supporting the overall health of a pet with cataracts as it has anti-inflammatory properties and supports the function of vital organs. If your furkiddo has a condition that makes them more prone to cataracts like diabetes, managing their condition and symptoms can be helpful in reducing the risk of developing cataracts.

Dogs can go blind for many reasons, such as disease or old age.

Having a blind pup can offer a special set of challenges for your family, but it doesn’t mean that your pooch is unable to live a happy and healthy life. Dogs can go blind for many reasons, such as disease or old age. Common causes of blindness include cataracts, glaucoma, trauma to the eye, and inherited conditions such as kidney disease or diabetes. Some dog breeds that cataracts are commonly found in are, Smooth Fox Terriers, American Cocker Spaniels, Havanese, Bichon Frise, Silky Terriers, Miniature, and Standard Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers, and Boston Terriers. They can also develop in the eyes of any pet (and humans too)! Signs of cataracts appear as a cloudy or bluish-gray film in the eyes. If you see this in your pup’s eye, it’s important to schedule an appointment to see your vet.

Living with a blind pet

If your pet develops blindness, or you adopt a blind pet, here are some helpful tips to help you and your pet adjust the life. 

  • Put tags or bells that jingle on other animals in the house so your blind pet knows where their companion is.
  • Observe risks in the household that could harm your pet. Look for sharp table corners, electrical chords, sharp objects, or stairs.
  • Help your pet develop a routine and keep their bed, food, and toys in the same place.
  • Practice going between each object together so they develop a sense of where they are located and can find them with ease after some time.
  • Walk them outside on a leash to guide them around objects, and keep them on a leash to do their business so they develop a sense of routine when outside. A short leash will help direct your pet where to go.
  • It is essential to keep your pet active and healthy. Pets who are obese develop more health conditions, so keeping your furkiddo active and stimulated is critical for overall health and longevity.
  • Play with toys that make noise so that your pet can find them when you throw them. Let him sniff and enjoy the scents of the outside world. After some time they will be able to use their nose to locate their toys and you.

Caring for a blind dog takes special love and care, but we know for a fact that your pup will give you the love and snuggles in return. You’ll learn so much from the ableness of visually impaired pooches.

One of the most amazing things about Trusty’s story is the incredible kindness and compassion Julie has. To have gone to a shelter and adopted an old soul with numerous health issues is no small feat. There are so many pups in shelters that aren’t as lucky to have a mama who accepts them as they are, and are prepared to help them live their best and most amazing lives throughout their old age! We’re always cheering Julie, Trusty, and the rest of the pack on, and love checking in to see how this wonderful family is doing.

Caring For a Blind Dog or Cat

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Published: October 22, 2020

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