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A Conversation With Beagle Tails

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read
conversation with beagle tails

We recently had the opportunity to get to know some of our NHV Family Members from @beagletails. Beagle Tails is a lovely trio pack of Beagles. The 3 hound dogs; Dixie, Sadie, and Toby are lovingly cared for by their pawrents.

Dixie, Toby & Sadie living the country life

Their pawrents have a passion for holistic nutrition, guidance, and supplementation which provides this pack with their spirit, spunk, and tenacity.

We met Beagle Tails when Sadie had some skin issues and needed some support.

We met Beagle Tails when Sadie had some skin issues and needed some support. Since then, we have been blessed with their antics and are so honored to have them as part of our NHV Family.

We reached out and wanted to get more acquainted with these hounds and their loving hoomans! Join us as we dig deep and learn more about them from their loving pawrents.

Q. What is it that you love most about Beagles?

Beyond the obvious answer of their velvet soft ears, I love their inquisitive personalities and overall gentle temperament

Q. Can you tell us a little something special about each of your fur babes, Dixie, Sadie and Toby?

All three of the fur babies are very different. Dixie is by far our most independent dog and also the easiest to train. She loves to learn and gets stir crazy when she doesn’t get frequent outings. Sadie is our most laid-back of the three and her most favorite place is when she can be snuggled up under a blanket in someone’s lap. Toby is our most unsure dog and looks to his sisters for confidence. He has come so far in the time we have had him and never stops wagging his tail even if he’s asleep.
Hound Dogs Rule!

Q. What is the hound pack’s favorite thing to do?

Our crew loves doing anything that involves being with us. They enjoy road trips and at last count have been to 17 different states. They are beyond excited when they think we are packing to go somewhere because they always go with us. One of their favorite places to go is the beach where they splash around in the ocean and roll in the sand. When they aren’t traveling, they enjoy playing in their fenced yard and napping in the sun.
On the boardwalk!

Q. You feed a very healthy diet to your pooches. What supplements do you use and for how long?

Our dog’s diet is very important to me and something I spend a lot of time researching. Our beagles eat an entirely raw diet made of real food. They get raw goat milk and raw kefir daily. We also serve them bone broth most days as well as fermented fruits and vegetables. Beyond their food, we use Flee Flea Flee from Healthy Dogma to help keep pests at bay, and then we also use a list of NHV supplements. Dixie gets the Old Timer daily. Sadie gets Stimmune daily and Toby gets Multi Essentials and Stimmune daily. We then rotate Turmeric and Yucca. One bottle lasts us roughly a month and we also rotate Nature’s Immuno and Petomega 3. We also use Lesstress when needed for Dixie and Toby to help reduce their anxiety roughly 2-3 times per month.

Q. Have you seen improvements or changes in them since starting the supplements?

Dixie has always been super spunky but once she started on the Old Timer, her energy level bounced up again. Sadie and Toby, both struggled with allergies and the Stimmune has been a game-changer. They have quit licking, chewing, and scratching for the most part and overall seem much healthier. Toby came to us with a wrecked gut due to his life on the streets before coming to us but the Multi Essentials has helped his gut heal and allowed him to absorb more from his food. Overall, all three have beautiful shiny coats and healthy skin.

Q. Just for fun, if your pack could choose any profession, what do you think it would be?

Dixie would likely be the CEO of a large corporation. She never settles and is always looking for something else to learn or master. Sadie would be a police officer. She keeps everyone in line and is the first to bark when someone isn’t doing what they should. Toby would paw down be a farmer. He loves being outside and spending time around the farm animals.
Dixie, Sadie & Toby are the goodest doggos! beagle tails

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking to adopt a Beagle?

While Beagles are absolutely adorable, they aren’t the right breed for everyone. Beagles are mischievous and need to have their brains engaged to help keep them out of trouble. They need safe, fenced areas to run and play since they do follow their nose and it seems when their nose is working, their ears shut off. Whit a little time and work, they are amazing dogs and if you choose to keep them active, they will be lifelong learners.

So there we have it, folks! Tales from Beagle Tails!  We’re excited to see what’s coming from the next as we all move towards the howlidays!

3 lucky hounds looks like they've been well behaved doggos! beagle tails

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Published: November 25, 2019

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