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The Klaus Cat Gives Paws Up to His NHV Natural Pet Supplements

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 5 min read
NHV klaus cat

In 2011 when a couple brought home a tiny blind kitty they had no idea how many lives this kitten was going to touch. Oskar the blind cat was curious about the noise of a hairdryer and playfully tried to catch the warm air blowing from it.  That video went viral and the rest is catistory! Along with his brother Klaus, Oskar introduced the world to wonderful imaginary stories of cats traveling to space… on missions to find new planets. With their daily antics that their humans shared on social media, this duo managed to make thousands smile and chuckle every day.

When Oskar suddenly passed away due to heart failure, Klaus continued his little brother’s legacy. Their social media page brought to the world’s attention stray cats and cats with special needs. A year or so later Klaus welcomed another adopted kitty sibling to his life – Juno the blind cat.

Klaus the cat with Juno the cat
© Copyright – @klausthecat

Klaus may look young and bubbly but he is a senior cat. When the NHV team met his humans at an event, they were looking for some extra support to help their dear senior boy keep up with the busy lifestyle of a famous internet cat. NHV natural pet supplements fit right into his needs.

Klaus the cat with NHV supplements

Knowing his age, we acted proactively and recommended support for his joints and his kidneys. Old Timer and Tripsy became a part of  Klaus’s daily regimen and Klaus became a part of our #NHVpets family.

We asked Klaus’s human Mick to share some interesting tidbits about this quirky little guy who once was a stray!

Klaus the cat NHV natural Pet supplements
© Copyright – @klausthecat

Who Let The Cats Out? Klaus!

Klaus was adopted in December of 2006 from a wonderful no-kill shelter in Lincoln, Nebraska, called The Cat House. He was an adult at that point and likely five or six years of age. He spent a good part of a year at the shelter, and he was notorious for opening doors and letting out other cats at night. He was the first cat that I met in the shelter and the one that came home with me that fateful day.

He Might Have Lived With A Pack Of Dogs As A Stray

Klaus is a fearless and confident cat who carries himself like a true alpha male. He is not afraid of vacuum cleaners (you can vacuum his fur daily) and he’s obsessed with large dogs. He chases them around and wrestles without any hesitation — perhaps he lived with a pack of dogs when he was a stray 15 years ago!
Klaus also loves to travel, especially long road trips in the car. We covered 4,000 miles last year with Klaus as the copilot.

A Kitten Inside, But A True Gentleman

Klaus spends a good chunk of the day napping in the sun, especially in his catio. In the evenings he demands a human lap to lay on and a Netflix documentary. When his younger sister, Juno, engages him in play, he obliges like a true gentleman. He still has moments of crazy kitten energy that allow him to zoom through the house and up and down the cat trees.

What NHV Natural Pet Supplements Does The Klaus Cat Take?

Klaus is very healthy for his age, although he did lose somebody mass over the past year or two. His appetite is great, however, so it’s easy to maintain his weight at ten pounds. The appetite also makes it easy to give him his daily doses of Tripsy and Old Timer supplements mixed with soft food. The goal is to keep his joints discomfort-free so he can remain active, and his kidneys function at an optimal level. Although he’s 19 now, it’s safe to say that Klaus can live for many more happy years! Someone has to keep Juno out of trouble.
cat NHV supplement

NHV Turmeric And Multi Essentials For A Cat Household

Turmeric is a super herb for pets of all ages.  It helps support the vital organs of the body – lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart. It is also anti-cancer and a natural anti-inflammatory. NHV Turmeric is liquid and easy to mix in a pet’s food or give directly in the cheek pocket using a dropper.

We recommend these blends to pets of all breeds and age groups.

NHV Multi Essentials is a herbal multivitamin that helps boost energy levels and provides extra nutrition. If any dietary gaps do exist, this blend helps fill them and enhance the body’s metabolism making it easier to digest and stay active. It also helps promote a healthy shiny coat.

We recommend these blends to pets of all breeds and age groups. Klaus and Juno take them too, from time to time.

With the Cat Festivals ahead that Klaus and Juno are attending, Mick is keen to get the two famous kitties on some NHV Matricalm. Paparazzi can be very enjoyable but also tiring. NHV Matricalm can help reduce any stress and make it easier for them to enjoy the trip and meet all their fans with purrs and head bonks.

NHV Natural Pet Supplements are a part of Klaus’ and Juno’s regimen for life. We are so happy to be able to support their well-being. As time passes, their integrative veterinary care team at NHV will keep tweaking their regimens to suit their needs. Here’s to many many more happy and healthy years….to the moon and back.

Follow the adventures of Klaus & Juno on Instagram.

klaus the cat

Please get in touch with an NHV Pet Expert if you need help picking the right supplement for your pet. We are always here to lend a paw.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: May 22, 2019

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