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Alge-Ex for dogs

Support for Seasonal Allergy in Dogs

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Allergies in Dogs: Brody’s NHV Success Story

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Allergies in Dogs: Brody’s NHV Success Story

Ashley, Brody’s mom, reached out to us to share her story of Brody’s success.

Meet Brody, my four-year-old altered male boxer. Brody’s happy place is lying outside in a field of grass or in his “Grammys” flower garden. As a rescue, I didn’t have much history about his health but quickly realized something was wrong. He began getting a small red sore under his chin, his neck, and on top of his head. These sores then became scab-like. After consulting with his veterinarian, Dr. Hillary Cook, she diagnosed him with allergies. Dr. Cook recommended trying NHV Alge-Ex. After just a few days of using Alge-Ex, the spots began to disappear. Now, after about two months of continued use, Brody’s allergies have completely cleared up. I highly recommend this product to anyone whose pet is struggling with environmental allergies!

We are so glad that Brody’s mom reached out to us to let us know how he’s doing!

Allergies in dogs are actually an extremely common condition.

Allergies in dogs are actually an extremely common condition. Just like people, dogs can be allergic to anything in their environment, from plants and airborne dust particles to food, mold, dander, cigarette smoke, or the perfumes their pet parents wear.

Itching is probably the most common allergic response; dogs may scratch their face, ears, or legs. Unfortunately, scratching usually leads to wounds, infections, or hair loss. Some dogs, like Brody, may even begin exhibiting small red sores. Other symptoms include sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, increased snoring, paw chewing or swollen paws, and constant licking.

It’s important for pet parents to help support the immunity of their pet as well as addressing the allergic reaction itself, and any underlying causes or conditions. It may be tempting to “wait it out”; however if your pup is itching or scratching their sores, a skin infection or other complication will likely result—so addressing the situation as soon as possible is advisable.

Conventional treatment for dog allergies usually involves identifying the allergen through injection tests, which can be costly and difficult to do as the dog must be tolerant of the injections.

For natural support, NHV recommends the use of both NHV Alge-Ex and NHV Ouch Away Spray. The Alge-Ex, will help support both the histamine and immune response of your dog, while the NHV Ouch Away Spray will help calm the skin externally. Fatty acid supplements, like NHV PetOmega-3, which are extremely beneficial for the skin and coat, will also help calm your dog’s itchy skin.

In addition to supporting your pet with supplements, you may want to also do the following:

  • Wash your dog’s bed with a mild detergent regularly
  • Vacuum weekly
  • Be conscious of hugging or petting your dog when you have perfumes on
  • Do not smoke around your dog
  • Remove pollenating plants/ Remove any toxic plants (see here for our list)

Have a question about your dog’s allergies? Get in touch with our NHV Pet Experts.

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NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 31, 2015

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