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Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma is a journey – Dexter found a friend in NHV

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Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma is a journey - Dexter found a friend in NHV

Dexter’s mum came to us in 2017 seeking help for her boy going through cancer. He was diagnosed with Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma in August 2016, along with Mets of Lungs. June of 2017 was when she ordered her first set of supplements and began her journey to help fight Dexter’s cancer with the support from NHV.

Like with any progressive disease, we decided to take it one day at a time. But for this handsome boy, we wanted to try our best to ensure it’s a happy day spent at the ocean 

Dexter’s journey has touched everyone he shares his time with. Including his oncology team and all of us here at NHV. It has had it’s share of surprising ups and some downs, lots of tweaks. There is no simple way of putting it down, except sharing the little updates we receive  from his mom, from time to time.

My dog is 12 months into a cancer diagnosis (anal sac adenocarcinoma with mets of the lungs) with a prognosis of 3-6 months. He’s had his ups and downs but we seem to be in a good place at now. We’ve just added this into our regimen over the last month and we’ve been able to reduce his dosage of pain medications without any adverse affects. I’m hopeful this is boosting his immune system and – fingers crossed – killing some of those nasty cancer cells!

~ Jessica, Dexter’s mom

Here are some updates that together document his journey so far

June 2017

‘Today’s oncology appointment went well – my chest x-rays showed I am still ‘stable’ and I was able to receive another round of chemo. Eight hours at the vet with a good report called for a celebration!’ ~ Dexter on his Instagram @dexterandhispack

dexter and his pack chemo

We insured that we were there for Dexter along the way, checking in to see how his progress was going. August 2017 Dexter went to the vet and his blood work came out good but they had introduced new drugs because unfortunately the spots in his lungs had grown larger and increased in numbers. So they began his chemo treatment. At this point, the cancer was fighting, so we fought back and suggested to mum to increase the dosage of his Immuno, ES Clear, and Milk Thistle.

dexter enjoying the views

We also found out that Dexter loves his visits at the pond, where he can ponder has he been a good boy today? (Of course he has!) Mum let us know that the Immuno, ES Clear, and Milk Thistle were making him feel better and he was a happy boy.

dexter sunbathingdexter ocean

“He has defied all odds he was given. We’ve been glad NHV has been such a great resource”!

December 2017

Dexter visits his doctor again and we find out that he has elevated calcium levels. High calcium levels indicate kidney troubles or adrenal issues, so we got Dexter started on Tripsy. To be proactive, we also advised to start Supraglan to help with the adrenal glands

dexter napping

“Overall he has been doing great energy wise, hasn’t had too many GI issues”

April 2018

Mum updates us and we find out that Dexter’s calcium levels continue to rise with his cancer progression. He also was becoming finicky with eating and mum was concerned. At this point Dexter was on ES Clear, Natures Imunno, Milk Thistle, Supraglan, Felimm, and Tripsy. Given his major issue now is his continued elevated calcium levels, she wondered if we have to cut back on a couple supplements to get him to eat, so our NHV experts advised that we divide his doses. Missing a dose of supplements can mean all that hard work gets undone and weaken the body, so we found another route to make sure Dexter still has his support.

dexter @dexterandhispack

August 2018

Today marks two years since my cancer diagnosis. With a 3-6 month prognosis, no one could have imagined I’d still be here, chasing balls, stealing loaves of bread off the counter, cuddling with my pack, and even being a big brother. While the cancer hasn’t gone away, rather it has progressed, we fight each day to keep it at bay and to try to live each moment to the fullest. Thank you to all our friends and followers and especially to our fellow canine cancer warriors-those still here and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge-for supporting us on this journey!

Dexter on his Instagram @dexterandhispack

Cancer in dogs - dexter and his pack

September 2018

After Dexter’s oncology appointment they stopped chemo and decided to do everything possible to keep him happy and comfortable. His appetite still wasn’t the greatest, but he is still motivated and we wouldn’t give up on him. We are dedicated to supporting this handsome boy through this rough battle and will keep our hopes up. Although it hasn’t taken away this horrible disease, our supplements have been able to keep his body strong enough to continue the fight.

dexter bedtime

Dexter is taking the changing seasons like a champion. Jessica says he is doing a bit better and almost bounces back sometimes! NHV will continue to support this beautiful boy and we are all rooting for him!  A holistic approach for a progressive condition generally means tweaking, adding and subtracting things as time passes and as the body ages. You have to make sure the whole body is prepared to fight the battle as it is never one organ alone that is affected.

Update December 2018: It is with heavy hearts we share Dexter crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. He departed this world surrounded by his family, and all those he loved. While he struggled with cancer over the last couple years, he fought with beauty and grace. Thank you to Dexter’s family for allowing us to share his story. ❤️

dex at lake

Follow this handsome canine cancer warrior on Instagram to wish him well on this journey.

Watching our fur babies go through such tough battles is always hard, that’s why at NHV, we stay connected with our furr-ends and find the best natural herbal remedies to help contribute to their better health and improved well-being.  Our NHV Pet Experts are always here to support you and thinking of you along the way.


Published: October 27, 2018

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