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Mouth Drops for Cats

A natural herbal oral supplement that aids in eliminating bad breath, gingivitis, and helps combat bacterial infections of the mouth and helps guard against tooth decay and plaque.

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Herbal Oral Care: Cat Bad Breath

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A grid of 6 cats taking NHV Mouth Drops for their oral health and cat bad breath

Does your little one have cat bad breath (halitosis)?

Cat bad breath can be symptomatic of other oral conditions like stomatitis, gingivitis, and plaque.

It was a typical night, and you were about to hit the sack after a long day. Your kitty, as usual, was peacefully lying on your chest. So, you leaned towards them for a goodnight kiss…and oh! What is that smell? That is not the sweet breath you remembered! The stench could be a stinky sign that something isn’t right. That’s when Patricia found out that one of her sweethearts, Jasper, had stomatitis.

I have a cat with stomatitis normally it effects the gums and teeth but his is in his throat. It gets very red and inflamed.

Cat bad breath can be symptomatic of other more severe oral issues like Jasper’s stomatitis, gingivitis, and plaque. That’s why it is important to be wary and take your kitty to a vet for examination, diagnosis, and treatment once you notice the odor.

Cat Bad Breath in a 7-Kitty Household

cat bad breath, a close-up of a cat with hazel eyes and black and white hair. He is looking into the camera and head is a bit tilted.

Besides Jasper, Patricia’s 6 other rescues were dealing with rank breath too.

I purchased this product for one of my cats who has stomatitis it was recommended by one of your veterinarians along with some other products. He immune system is weak and he needs all the help he can get since it’s not curable this has help keep it under control its helped with infection and bad breath So I decided to give it to all of my cats I have 7 rescues many had terrible breath none have bad breath anymore and i see that there is no more gingivitis or bleeding gums as well I would highly recommend this product.

The product Patricia is referring to here is NHV Mouth Drops. It is our natural, herb-based oral care that helps eliminate cat bad breath, guard against stomatitis and tooth decay, and combat bacterial infections of the mouth.

What Other Supplements Is Jasper Taking?

He has been taking the mouth drops, felimm and yucca…. As you know his stomatitis is in his throat rather than his gums and teeth. So sometimes he grinds his teeth and loses his appetite. He’s eating much more and the inflammation is so much better. I don’t put the formulas in food I give him the doses directly in mouth while he doesn’t like it he tolerates it I think he knows it’s good for him and is helping him get better. I am so happy this is working I worry about him daily. Our veterinarian is thrilled. We don’t have to pull his teeth.

NHV Felimm helps strengthen your little one’s weakened immune system, which can be a cause of their oral conditions. It also helps increase their ability to fight infections and helps improve energy levels. On top of that, NHV Yucca can help ease discomfort and stimulate their appetite, which might be affected due to mouth pain.

If you have any questions about cat bad breath, our supplements, or anything else, feel free to reach out! Tap the button below, and we will connect you with on of our pet experts!

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Published: January 24, 2024

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