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How Shine The Cat With A Corneal Ulcer Recovered

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beautiful blue-eyed Shine recovered from corneal ulcer

As a pet parent, you are likely no stranger to see your pet dashing around to keep themselves entertained and to get your attention. However, the fun shenanigans may come with risks to your pet’s health as they can bonk into things or get things into their eyes. These little accidents may sound harmless, but they can result in a corneal ulcer. When Shine was having eye issues, her mama, Misty did her best to find support for her cat with a corneal ulcer.

It’s heartbreaking to see your furkid in discomfort and keep hoping for their recovery every day. Maintaining regular eye care and checkups is essential to helping pets with healthy eyes or pets with a corneal ulcer.

What Is A Corneal Ulcer?

A corneal ulcer is an uncomfortable condition that damages the layers of the cornea and blurs the vision.

The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil. It helps to protect the eye and lets light in, so it’s critical for good vision. A corneal ulcer (ulcerative keratitis) is an uncomfortable condition that damages the layers of the cornea and blurs the vision. In severe cases or if left untreated, you may need to have your pet’s eye removed.

Cause And Symptoms

Minor scratches, blunt trauma, or things that enter the eye can cause an ulcer. It often starts as a scratch and as the damage worsens, it can become an ulcer. Cats with a corneal ulcer experience awful discomfort in their eye and may experience these symptoms:

  • Squinting and blinking rapidly
  • Pawing at the head or eye
  • Redness and swelling in the eye
  • Having dense and white material at the edge of the ulcer
  • Clouded cornea
  • Collecting discharge in the corner of the eye

Check out our vet tips on how to inspect your pet’s eye. If you are unsure, bring your pet to a nearby vet clinic to check immediately. It’s important to start treatments as soon as possible as the discomfort and irritation can cause pets to want to scratch or rub their eye which may make it worse.

Shine’s Corneal Ulcer Diagnosis

Shine the blue-eyed cat was diagnosed with corneal ulcer.

Shine was on treatments and medications, but her condition didn’t seem to improve. Like many severe cases of cats with a corneal ulcer, Shine nearly had her eye amputated. Fortunately, her mama reached out to us in time.

Shine’s Path to Recover

After some time using NHV supplements, Shine's blue eye has drastic improvement and her pupil turns normal again.

To support this beautiful blue-eyed cat with a corneal ulcer, we suggested Turmeric and Ey-Eas. After some time, Misty could see a drastic improvement in Shine’s eye.

“Look at her eyes today! Thank you so much!!! She was headed to an eye amputation and ur product has turned her eye health around and brought her back to her beautiful blue eyes and normal pupils! I’m so very grateful thank u guys so much!! She’s only had about 1 week on it and the vet no longer talks about amputation because she can see out of it!!”

Shine’s mama used Turmeric to support her eye as it has anti-inflammation properties and soothes discomfort. We also recommended Ey-Eas as it is a formula that contains herbs that have properties that promote eye health and can help fight eye infections. You can use Ey-Eas as eye drops for most conditions, but with corneal ulcers, Ey-Eas should be taken orally.

We recommend NHV OcuLove for long-term proactive eye care. It is our newest vet-formulated supplement for eye health and is designed to only be taken orally. It contains a blend of herbs that are beneficial for fighting eye infections, reducing inflammation, and encouraging overall healthy eyes. OcuLove is helpful for promoting healthy tear production and can be helpful for pets like Shine.

If you ever have questions regarding your pet’s health, feel free to contact us or click on the Chat button below. Our pet experts and vet tech are always here to help, just like we were for Shine.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: March 31, 2021

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