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Best Tips For Taking Care Of Samoyed Dogs – The Siberian Work Dogs

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
Best Tips For Taking Care Of Samoyed Dogs – The Siberian Work Dogs

Named after the indigenous peoples (Samoyedes) of North-Western Siberia, the Samoyed is a nomadic pup that was bred for hunting, herding, sledding, and guarding. These strong and intelligent dogs helped their families to herd Reindeer across the vast and unforgiving landscape, hauling sleds of belongings and supplies. The Samoyede people were peaceful nomads, and this was shared with their hard-working animals who were seen as part of the family. This trust and love can still be seen in Samoyeds today, through their unfailing sense of trust, faithful loyalty, and desire to protect.


Breed Characteristics

The characteristics of this breed have very much been shaped by their beginnings. Bred for hunting and working, a Samoyed is a very clever dog and will need proper training to ensure that it does not become bored and misbehave. Bad training can also form bad habits that will be difficult to break. Being alert, intelligent, and ready for action, a Samoyed also benefits from high-energy training such as Flyball or agility.

Perfect for families, they are very loyal and make great companions for children with who they will form very strong and loving bonds with. Samoyed’s are often seen herding their younger members of the family and looking out for them in a loyal protective way. A playful breed, they enjoy spending time having fun with their family, using their intelligence, and being out in nature.

Like similar breeds, the hunting and herding instinct is still strong in a Samoyed. If they spot a Rabbit or a Squirrel they will invariably chase after it. This means that a Samoyed’s yard or garden must be well fenced and secure.

Samoyeds do not enjoy being on their own

Samoyeds do not enjoy being on their own, they are a social breed and enjoy being with their family and other dogs. If left alone they can gain destructive habits, and get up to all sorts of mischief! They are known as voice-y dogs, and will not fail to let you know if they are unhappy or excited. They will also use their paws or nose to get attention and are naturals at ‘shake paw’.



The Samoyed is an ancient pure breed, so has suffered minimal genetic manipulation by man. This means that their breed does not suffer from many specific illnesses or weaknesses. Keeping a Samoyed healthy by feeding them the right nutrition and being well exercised with allow them to live a long and happy life. That being said Samoyed’s do suffer from conditions found in other purebred dogs and these include:

Hip Dysplasia – is where the hip joints fail to develop normally, and gradually deteriorate over time. It is a condition that is normally seen in dog breeds. In lots of cases this can lead to arthritis in older age, and in rare cases, paralysis. It is common and early signs can be an unwillingness to jump, stiff movements, and discomfort when the hips are touched.

Hereditary Glomerulopathy –  a genetic Kidney disease, which is also seen in other breeds. However, when studied, Samoyed’s showed a faster onset of the disease. Affected pups start showing symptoms around 2-3 months in age, with Males affected much quicker than females. Sadly the prognosis is not good and those pups with the disease only live up to 18 months.

Glaucoma – is increased pressure inside the eye due to a decrease in aqueous humor outflow. A very uncomfortable disease, it often leads to blindness if untreated. Symptoms can include bluing of the cornea, squinting, watery eyes, reddening of the whites of the eyes. In severe cases, the eye can look as if it is bulging out of its socket.

Other common health problems noticed in Samoyed dogs

  • Diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease in dogs. Any breed can be affected, but Sammies have an above average chance of being affected.
  • Your Sammie is susceptible to different kinds of skin infections and diseases. One of them is caused by yeast (Malassezia dermatitis). When it infects the ears, it causes itching, redness, and an accumulation of brown waxy discharge.


The Samoyed is blessed with a thick, fluffy outer coat, which in Siberia would have kept him nice and warm in the freezing winters. With Samoyed’s now living right around the world, many have acclimatized to areas in the US and South America that regularly see extreme heat.

With its cloud-like appearance comes high maintenance, and the coat of a Samoyed needs to be brushed regularly. Big shedders, the coat of a Sammie has a double layer, meaning that it is very easy for dirt and debris to get deep in the fur, quickly causing matts if not tackled regularly.


Supplements for Super Samoyed’s

Here at NHV we have many different supplements for lots of different conditions, but for Samoyed parents who would like to provide preventative care for their fluffy clouds then these are what we would recommend:

Pet Omega 3 –  is our supplement that provides pets with overall health and well-being. It supports many aspects of the body including

  • Skin and coat condition
  • Immune system
  • Joint support and comfort
  • Eye health
  • Renal and Kidney support
  • Healthy heart function

Pet Omega 3 will help to keep Samoyed coats and skin in good condition as well as looking after their eyes, joints, and internal organs.

Coco Furcare – is an all-natural topical spray with many multi-purpose uses. Applied to your dog’s coat it can help your pet smell clean and fresh whilst improving the health of and shine of the skin and coat.
With its herbal contents, Coco Furcare can also be used to ward off fleas, ticks, and mites whilst acting as a natural de-stresser for your pet. For thick Samoyed coats this is a great spray and will help to make their coats smell great!

Turmeric – well known as being a superfood, and for pets this is especially true. Paired with lots of our products, Turmeric makes an excellent addition to most pet health care regimes. The properties of  Turmeric are wide ranging and it is beneficial for the joints, the circulatory system and the brain. In the prevention and fight against cancer the anti oxidant properties of Turmeric can be of huge beneficial support along with prescribed medications.  As well as anti- cancer, Turmeric is great for joint conditions like Arthritis, the heart, and aids in digestion.

Multi Essentials – is as important for prevention as it is for pups fighting illness as it helps to fill nutritional voids. Older pups also also need extra help staying healthy, and our blend of multivitamins and minerals helps to reduce fatigue, promote a healthy skin and coat, and aid in digestion! Vitamin deficiencies can cause many problems, including hair loss, fatigue, skin problems and reproductive issues.

A beautiful dog, the Samoyed needs a high level of attention and care. But in the right family they can be fantastic companions, and make the very best pet. As with all highly intelligent dog breeds, a lot of thought must go into whether a Samoyed is right for your family. As a social animal they need a high level attention and training, and would be difficult  for first time owners.

Get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to find the best supplements and holistic advice for your Samoyed dog

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Published: October 1, 2019

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