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Bo Loves His NHV Mellit!

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* Bo is a 5-year old mix (and a rescue dog)…Dalmatian (that is his corny side!), Golden Retriever (his friendly side), and German Shepard (his guard dog side!). I guess you can just say “Retriever mix”, since that is what he looks like.

* “I just wanted to give my two cents on the Mellit. My dog Bo, doesn’t have diabetes, but he has a very sensitive stomach. I had given Mellit to our previous dog, Bob, for his pancreatic issues. It helped greatly. So, I have been giving Bo the Mellit, after he has had some kind of people food tidbit. I even think he knows that it helps him to feel better, because soon after being given a “rich” snack (not from me!), he will come find me in the house, and just stare at me. I ask him if he wants some “juice”, and he immediately heads for the kitchen, so I can give him some Mellit. He loves it! Well, I just wanted to give my experience…in that it helps in situations other than just for diabetes…which is wonderful…at least for us, it is! Take care, all!!



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Published: September 21, 2016

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