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ES Clear™ for dogs

A Vet-Approved Natural Canine Cancer Support Supplement

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Bone Cancer in Dogs – Audee’s Triumphant Tail

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Bone cancer in dogs can be a scary thing to go through but thankfully for Audee, she's got all the support and love she needs!

Our furkids mean everything to us. So when they get sick, it’s totally normal for panic to start setting in. Bone cancer in dogs is definitely a scary condition for a pet and furparent to go through, but thankfully for sweet Audee, she’s got all the support and love she needs.

What is Bone Cancer in Dogs?

Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer in dogs. It’s mostly found in middle-aged to older pets and tends to develop in the shoulder, knee, and wrist.

Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer in dogs.


Symptoms of bone cancer in dogs can look like lethargy, lameness, discomfort, and limping. An affected bone will be weaker and more susceptible to injury. Be sure to check in with your trusted veterinarian if you notice symptoms like these in your precious furkiddo.

Audee with bone cancer in dogs sitting in the living room with her furmily.

Audee’s Diagnosis

Sweet Audee was diagnosed with bone cancer in December of last year and her amazing furmom, Rachel, reached out to us right away for some extra support after changing Audee’s diet to a more cancer-friendly pet diet. Audee was also scheduled to undergo chemotherapy and amputation so we wanted to do everything we could to make sure this brave pup was as comfortable as possible.

Holistic Healing

Audee started taking a new natural regimen by using the NHV Pet Cancer Super Support Kit (Cancer Kit 3). This kit contains three of our vet-formulated, herbal supplements, ES-Clear, Milk Thistle, and Turmeric.

ES-Clear is our main cancer support for pets. The powerful herbs in this unique blend can help to encourage detoxification, improve quality of life, boost energy levels, and can help to balance a compromised immune system.

Milk Thistle can help to protect the liver. It can also help to encourage regeneration of the liver while also supporting kidney health. Traditional medication can be tough on a furkiddos body, specifically the liver, so if your little one is taking medication, we recommend adding Milk Thistle to their regimen.

Turmeric is a powerful herb that can help to reduce inflammation, improve liver and heart function, while also helping to decrease discomfort.

We checked in with Rachel recently and got some really incredible news back about Audee’s health!

Her first blood test was yesterday and her CBC was FLAWLESS. So far, Audee has had no adverse reactions to her chemo and is recovering beautifully. The vets are amazed at how well she is doing and are now all asking what my secret is. Lol. So far so good!!

We’re so thrilled knowing that Audee is doing so well! We’re wishing Audee, Rachel, and their whole furmily the absolute best.

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Published: March 28, 2022

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