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Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Fighter Pack

Vet-Formulated Natural Support to Help Fight Feline Leukemia

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Canine Leukemia And Feline Leukemia

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Unfortunately, leukemia is not an exclusive condition for humans. It can also happen in dogs and cats and they must be treated as serious conditions as well. What some pet parents may not realize is that canine leukemia and feline leukemia are two separate conditions that have more differences beyond affecting different species.

What Is Canine Leukemia?

Canine leukemia is an immune system cancer that affects blood formation.

Canine leukemia is, like in humans, an immune system cancer that affects blood formation, and it is the most common blood cancer in dogs. There are many types of leukemia in dogs, but the most reported is lymphoid leukemia, which is defined as an abnormal expansion of the lymphocyte population in the blood. It is also called “lymphoma of the blood”, and it can be acute or chronic.

In any case or form, leukemia in dogs must be treated seriously and aggressively, as it is a very serious condition. Leukemia can be acute or chronic. If it is acute, the dog is usually clinically ill, as it is a fast-progressing form of leukemia that affects mostly young to middle-aged dogs. The dog presents lethargy, anemia, weakness, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes bone discomfort. Chronic leukemia is less common, and it is a slow-progressing form of leukemia, being more common in older dogs.

What Is Feline Leukemia?

Feline leukemia is a viral infection that only affects cats.

On the other hand, feline leukemia is a serious viral infection that only affects cats. It is not transmissible to humans or other species. Feline leukemia virus or FeLV, is the second leading cause of death in cats, with trauma as the first. It kills 85% of the infected cats within three years of diagnosis. This virus commonly causes lymphoma or anemia, and since the immune system is often suppressed, it can also predispose cats to serious, lethal infections.

Cats mostly contract FeLV from fighting and grooming each other, however, exposure to infected cats puts them at higher risk (especially cats from shelters and households with multiple cats that share food/water bowls, and litter boxes). Older cats are less likely to get infected, it appears the resistance against the virus increases with age. Symptoms seen in infected cats may include pale gums, fever, diarrhea, weakness, weight loss, secondary infections, difficulty breathing, poor coat and skin condition, enlarged lymph nodes, and stomatitis among others. Unfortunately, there is no cure for FeLV, but sometimes it is possible to manage the symptoms and offer an infected cat comfort and a higher quality of life for years.

Striped cat with blue eyes laying on a bed. Canine leukemia and feline leukemia virus

Treatment And Support

With both conditions, canine leukemia and feline leukemia, clarified, it is important to say that if you ever notice any of the symptoms in your dog or cats, you should check with your trusted veterinarian before assuming the worst. Only the veterinarian will be capable of giving a proper diagnosis and offering treatment options for your furbaby.

At NHV, we can help support your furbaby by offering natural supplements that help improve your furbaby’s immune system, making it easier for them to fight cancer and viral infections.

Natural Support For Canine Leukemia

For canine leukemia, we would suggest anti-cancer support, as well as support for the major organs.

ES-Clear is a formula that contains herbs used in supporting and fighting cancer. The herbs in this blend may help reduce tumor growth, help purify the blood, and help detoxify vital organs. ES-Clear also promotes a healthy immune system and an improved quality of life, vitality, and energy levels. ES-Clear can also aid in digestion and appetite.

Natures Immuno is a blend of mushrooms known for their extensive health benefits. These mushrooms are reported to help improve the body’s ability to produce white blood cells, support the immune system, and help fight against viral infections. It’s beneficial as anti-cancer and anti-tumor support and can be used alongside chemotherapy. It’s useful for promoting cardiovascular, liver, kidney, diabetic, and endocrine health, as well as general well-being. One of the mushrooms in this formula is the turkey tail mushroom. Studies have shown that it is beneficial for a wide variety of cancers, including mammary gland cancer and lymphoma. Researchers believe that turkey tail mushrooms contain properties that fight cancer while also helping to strengthen the immune system.

And offering some support for the liver and kidneys might also be a good idea. Tripsy is a soothing formula that helps to control infection, has a demulcent effect on the urinary calculi, and supports the health of the kidneys and bladder.

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for over 2000 years as a remedy for various types of liver diseases. In fact, studies have shown that milk thistle can decrease or reverse damage to the liver and kidneys. It can detoxify the liver and kidneys by helping to remove toxins that can build up in a pet’s system when taking pharmaceuticals or chemical-laden foods. Milk Thistle also has antioxidant properties and may be beneficial as anti-cancer support.

You can find ES-Clear and Milk Thistle together in or Pet Cancer Immunity Booster Bundle.

Yellow lab dog laying on a beige carpet. Canine leukemia and feline leukemia.

Natural Support For Feline Leukemia

For feline leukemia, we would suggest anti-viral support alongside a multivitamin, a natural anti-inflammatory, and liver support.

Felimm helps strengthen the immune system, provides support to the body to fight against viral and bacterial infections in cats and dogs like Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), canine and feline herpesvirus, and parvovirus. In addition, it encourages detoxification of the lymphatic system, stimulates the appetite, improves energy levels, helps fight infections, and helps combat upper respiratory tract infections.

Multi Essentials helps fill dietary gaps, supports digestion, and promotes strong muscle and bone growth. It is a blend of herbs high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to ensure your cat or dog of any age has the energy and vitality for a healthy and happy life.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties that increase overall vitality while helping support a variety of health conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, and arthritis. It also has a high concentration of antioxidants. Studies have linked the frequent use of turmeric to lower rates of certain types of cancers as well.

Milk Thistle promotes healthy liver and kidney function and supports detoxification. Milk Thistle can be especially helpful for pets that are taking pharmaceuticals or have chemicals in their diet.

We offer bundles of these products to make finding the right supplements easier and to help pet parents save. Our Feline Leukemia Fighter Pack contains both Felimm and Multi Essentials, while our Feline Leukemia Immune and Antioxidant Support kit contains Felimm, Turmeric, and Milk Thistle.

No matter what health condition your furkiddo is dealing with, you don’t have to face it alone. Our team of pet experts is here for you. Start chatting with a pet expert now by clicking the button below.

Dr. Rebeca Oliveira DVM

Dr. Rebeca Oliveira DVM

Dr. Rebeca is a holistic veterinarian from Brazil with a passion for natural and integrative medicine. She’s been studying integrative medicine and alternative (and healthier) diets since 2015, and now started to study the power of herbs with the NHV Family. In her spare time, you can find her spending time with her golden retriever, Kuga.

Published: July 21, 2021

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