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Maris for cats

Natural Remedy for Cat Constipation

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Constipation Relief for Chihuly, 12 Year-Old Birman Blue Point Cat

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Constipation Relief for Chihuly, 12 Year-Old Birman Blue Point Cat

We always educate pet parents about the importance of including some wet food in their pet’s diet. It adds much-needed moisture and helps keep digestion naturally healthy. Dry hard stools are a sign of soon-to-come constipation. At NHV we advise topping up regular cat or dog food with moist and healthy options like yogurt, pureed pumpkin, vegetable mix, boiled chicken pieces or cat tuna, or bone broth. Jack, the dad of two adorable Birman Blue Point cats, took our advice and added to the regime, doses of NHV Maris. Chihuly is doing much better!

Chihuly my 12-year-old Birman blue point male deals with constipation. I add water in with canned food along with canned pumpkin and Maris NHV and he is doing much better with his daily eliminations.
Chihuly Audi cats NHV Natural Pet Products Maric Cat Review
Picture of Chihuly (Male now 10lbs – Left) and Audi (female now 8lbs – right) both Berman Blue points

Thank you for sharing your experience, Jack. We are positive other pet parents will find it very useful when deciding how to help their constipated cat.

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NHV Maris promotes soft stools while fostering good colon health. It is gentle, effective, and safe for long-term use too! It works in chronic constipation or megacolon as well.

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Published: October 21, 2017

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