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Dog Mammary Gland Cancer (Lady’s Story)

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Dog Mammary Gland Cancer (Lady’s Story)

Dealing with cancer is an overwhelming experience for any pet parent. The stresses that pet parents endure are many and varied, from coping with our own human grief and anger to defending our choices with friends and family (who may or may not understand) to making life and death decisions for our beloved and trusting animals. Sometimes, we need to hear the stories of others who have been through something similar; sometimes we need to share our own stories…Here is Lady’s Story a tale of dog Cancer survival. I hope you find it helpful.

Lady is my 20-year old beagle mutt from Sri Lanka. If you would like to read her original story click here.

My dog cancer story begins as many others do: one very uneventful day in 2009 as I was giving Lady a pet … I felt a lump. Lady was 14-years-old at the time and was experiencing age-related health complications, including the symptoms of Cushing’s disease. She had been on NHV supplements and was doing well. A few weeks before finding the mass, I noticed her energy had decreased and she was lethargic. We made an appointment at the vet.

I strongly recommend for anyone going through pet cancer or other pet illnesses to keep a log.

Veterinarian professionals are amazing, wise, and diligent people; but there is a level of pragmatism that is expected that can be hard for us pet parents to muster. I strongly recommend for anyone going through pet cancer or other pet illnesses to keep a log. It will help make sure your veterinarian is getting all the information they need, and it will help keep the emotions in check for you, especially when you need to make clear-headed decisions.

Upon the initial vet visit, Lady was suspected of having a slow-growing single mass in her mammary gland. It appeared to be fixed to her body wall, which implied malignant behavior. Lady’s diagnostic vet visits consisted of blood work, and an aspiration biopsy otherwise known as fine-needle aspiration. Veterinarians often conduct this type of biopsy when a malignant tumor is suspected, and it’s often well tolerated by cats and dogs.

A few days later, the results came in and my worst fears were confirmed: Lady, my beautiful 14-year-old dog, was diagnosed with cancer in her mammary gland.

Unfortunately, this type of cancer is common with un-spayed female dogs. On the advice of our vet, we opted for surgery for the removal of the cancerous mass and also opted to have her spayed at the same time. It was a one-day surgery and her recovery was about 2-3 weeks.

About 4-5 weeks after the surgery, we found another lump. I cannot convey in words the dread I felt upon finding that second lump. We went through the same diagnostic procedure again. This time the results were inconclusive. The vet advised me to not do any more surgeries. She was, after all, a 14-year-old dog, and the vet and I both felt that Lady just couldn’t handle any more surgical procedures.

I began a regimen of natural supplements. It’s 2015, six years later, and Lady is almost 20 and is still going. Specifically for her cancer, I’ve put her on ES-Clear, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, and Pet Omega3. Below you’ll find a complete list of Lady’s Supplements.

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned the strength that comes from sharing our similar stories. I hope you share your pet health stories with us. It helps.

Lady’s Supplements List


We love your pet naturally

Patra de Silva

Mom to Lady (and President of NHV Natural Pet Products)

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Published: April 20, 2015

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