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Dog Treats: Knowing What’s Safe And Nutritious

Pet Diet & Nutrition 2 min read
dog treats

Our pets are our family; they are our best friends, our companions, and our babies – we are after all pet parents. That’s why it’s still so shocking that the pet food and treats available on the market today can be downright dangerous.

Last year (2014), Canada’s CBC news reported that 1000 dog deaths and 5600 dog illnesses had been reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 20071 – and those are just the reported cases!

Some pet food packages can be intentionally misleading in informing the consumer where these products are made.

Dog treat labeling is one of the major problems affecting the industry. Some pet food packages can be intentionally misleading in informing the consumer where these products are made. For instance, a bag of dog treats may state that they are “quality checked” in Canada, but leave out the fact that they are made in China.

A study conducted in the UK and reported in TIME states that “many pet food brands contain unspecified animal parts that aren’t listed on labels”2. The report goes on to say “of the seven products that displayed the phrase “with beef,” only two had more cow DNA in them than combined DNA of chicken and pigs.”

We believe that as we become more and more informed as consumers, there will be a change; increased transparency in the pet food industry will become standard, resulting in a higher level of quality for pet food.

Quality and care are some of the reasons we are such ardent fans of Caru dog food. A family-owned company, Caru began by making dog food and treats for their beloved dog “Karu”. Karu, the dog, had constant ear infections and the family vet had suggested a homemade diet consisting of pure, healthy, and nutritious food; and voilà— Caru the company was born. Learn more about Caru food in our blog “Feeding a Sick Dog—The Benefits of Caru Dog Food”.

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1 Kathy Tomlinson. “Go Public | Costco keeps selling treats from China despite dog death”.

2 Alexandra Sifferlin. “Your pet food probably isn’t made of what you think.”

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Published: April 13, 2015

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