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Feline Friendly? You’ll Love This Cat and Mouse Game!

Pet Care Tips 2 min read
Feline Friendly? You’ll Love This Cat and Mouse Game!

Cat owners share a very special bond with their favorite felines which can’t be described as anything short of love. It’s the reason you never hear of “cat likers”! If you like cats, you love cats and all the silly, curious, fiercely independent behavior that goes along with the species. For anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to walk a day in their cat’s paws, Mashable shared some exciting news recently: Cat Simulator is a soon-to-be-launched third party game that will allow cat lovers to follow all their feline instincts, including filling their tummies, taking naps, climbing trees, and chasing mice. If the game’s Kickstarter campaign is successful, the final version will feature customizable kitties, un-lockable features, and multiple scenarios in which players can act out all their feline fantasies.

To prepare you for success in your Cat Simulator gaming scores, today the team at NHV Natural Pet Products is going to explain your cat’s top 5 most puzzling behaviors:

1) Feeling Kneady

Kittens use kneading motion to stimulate milk from their mother.

Ever find your cat rhythmically massaging your legs while she sits in your lap? It’s an instinctive behavior that begins shortly after birth. Kittens use this kneading motion to stimulate milk from their mother when hungry. Your cat clearly feels very safe, comfortable, and loved- a bond akin to what she felt with her Mom.

2) Tight Squeeze

We’ve all been there: You purchase a sprawling new bed for your kitty, only to find him curled up inside a shoebox or flowerpot. What’s the deal? In the wild, cats would typically sleep in dens- small, dark areas that keep them hidden from predators. Though not terribly comfortable to our eyes, that shoebox is instinctively a safe hiding place for your cat.

3) Night Wailer

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when your feline friend is up howling during the wee hours. Chances are, she’s lamenting the loss of a bug she was hunting, or conversely, celebrating catching something savory. You can pacify your cat’s urge to hunt late at night by providing enough stimulation during the day in the form of food puzzles and enriching toys.

4) Surprise!

Most cat lovers have at some point received an unwanted “present” from a cat. So if your cat proudly brings you home a mouse, it’s a sign of gratitude for taking such good care of him. Be careful not to give him too much praise, though, unless you want those gifts to continue.

5) Heads Up

Ever wonder why your kitty head-butts your leg when she sees you? It may seem aggressive, but it’s actually her way of greeting you and communicating how safe she feels when you’re around. Give her a little snuggle to repay the favor.

So the next time you scratch your favorite kitty on the head and wonder what goes on inside that feline brain, rest assured there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With the introduction of Cat Simulator and a little help from NHV, you can now know the inner workings of your kitty’s mind just like the back of your paw.

Would you play a Cat Simulator game? Which scenarios would you most like to experience as a cat? Why?

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Published: May 26, 2014

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