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From a hoarder’s crate to her mom’s lap, Abby the Persian cat’s story

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persian cat rescued from hoarding

It’s been a year since the big “Persian Rescue” at the Arizona humane society. Abby is one of the 75 Persians rescued from this abusive hoarding situation. As a kitten, all Abby knew in the world was a hard iron crate. For the first 3 years of her life, she could barely turn around.

Not all cats made it out alive. But those who did, were all adopted. Cat mom Allison didn’t have to think twice before deciding to bring a baby home from this rescue. She picked Abby because Abby suffered from severe infections and had cysts in the ears. She knew there’d be less takers for her.  Abby came home to her two other cats Jonathan and Jeffrey. The first time Allison kissed Abby it scared the poor little girl so much she jumped out of her arms.

“She hid behind a dresser for almost a month. I had recently lost my James, and it was hard to connect to a cat that wasn’t responding to me at all.”

abby cat persian eye infection before after

But Allison didn’t stop loving her. Imagine not knowing the warm touch of a human hand or the friendly tugs of another paw. Abby needed time and Allison gave her all and more. This beautiful kitty started slowly opening up to a life outside the crate.

She now spends her days playing with her cat brothers, stealing kisses from her mom, getting belly rubs and letting her mom slowly heal her, from inside out. Abby’s nervous days are in the past. Who could imagine Abby would come so far and become the sweetest cat Allison had ever had? Oh, the miracle of love!

“She’s the light of my life. She’s a happy, loving cat that has learned to trust again. She greets me every day when I come home. We definitely saved each other. She helped me refocus after James’s death, and I saved her, showing her there was love and happiness in this life for her.”

persian cat with eye infection remedypersian cat eye infections natural remedy

Originally Allison reached out to us looking for diet tips to support all her cats. Jeffery is a Maine coon mix and had matting and hair ball issues. Johnathan is a healthy kitty with no known issues but Allison just wanted something to support him overall. And the little girl Abby, still had eye infections.

Our pet specialists spoke with Allison extensively and over time we decided to supplement their diet with PetOmega3. It would be great for all 3 of her babies. It’s good for kidneys, and the heart, it’s also good for skin conditions and it’s anti-cancer. We also gave her some suggestions for home cooked food that all 3 kitties could benefit from. Since Abby’s eyes seemed to be quite an issue it only seemed right to address this right away.

Persian cats have flat, pushed-in faces which, in some cases, can lead to issues with the drainage of their tears and tear staining. Persians are also prone to other hereditary eye conditions that can result in excess tearing and eye infections. Poor Abby’s neglected start to life aggravated these eye issues. Allison had been to vets who treated her for allergies but nothing seemed to work well enough. Abby’s eyes continued to weep and ache.

NHV EY-Eas is a gentle non-irritating formula that supports management of painful swelling, soothes uncomfortable itching and helps control increased discharge to restore eyes back to a healthy state. Allison decided to give our herbal eye drops a shot.

“Within 3 days her eyes were looking better!”

transformation of persian cat with eye infection

“Not only are Abby’s eye infections letting up, the constant weeping has subsided, and that was something we struggled with daily.”

Abby is a special little girl in so many ways and for so many reasons. We are honoured to play a small role in helping this baby girl live better. The world needs more people like Allison. Abby benefited from using the Ey-Eas. She and her 2 brothers have all been doing extremely well taking the PetOmega3.

johnathon cat with omega 3 from NHVafter herbal eye drops from NH persian cat Abby shows amazing improvement

Update – November 2018

FYI…. your product Stimmune has made all the difference in the WORLD for Abby. I actually had not realized how much, until I was out of it for 3 weeks. Lol. A common thing that Abby did was sneeze quite often and she’d scratch her face. The stimmune cut about 95% of that out!! She’s now doing it again, but I had run out of stimmune and had not ordered any more. Off to place an order 😊👏👏

If your pet is suffering from eye infections or need to supplement their diets to help with longevity to keep our furry friends healthy and stay with us as long as possible!! Some other products that would benefit these cat siblings? Hairb-Ez for her kitty with hairball issues, this blend helps cats expel hairballs easily and gradually reduces and stops the incidents because it promotes lubricated intestinal movement and lets the hairballs breakdown and expel in their poop.

Turmeric would be great as an anti inflammatory support and works for a host of health functions. It’s great as a preventative and overall promotes a healthy life! We are going to stay close to Allison and keep doing what we can to keep this family, naturally healthy. Please send this family all your love too and reach out to us if you know of a Persian kitty whose eyes might need help.

Published: February 21, 2018

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