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Old Timer for dogs

Natural dog joint support to alleviate arthritis, muscle, and joint discomfort

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Herbal help for three adorable Cavaliers with hip dysplasia, luxating patella

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Herbal help for three adorable Cavaliers with hip dysplasia, luxating patella

Although age is not a disease, there are often changes that come along with age. Many pet parents notice their pup slowing down and not as able or willing to do the things they once did so effortlessly. Dog mom, Deborah, wrote us about her gang of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Deborah monitors her pups’ activity using Pet Pace monitors, so it was easy for her to see that her pups were slowing down a bit. CKC Spaniels are very prone to heart disease, so Deborah has them on NHV Hearty-Heart along with other NHV supplements to help keep their energy up. Here are some of the updates we have received from Deborah:

Cooper, Gracie, and Ella are three fur siblings who live with their human mom in Florida. We were overjoyed to receive a happy PUPdate from their mom within the first month of starting their NHV regimens.

These are my Cavalier King Charles spaniels. From L to R: Cooper (10 with MVD & severe hip dysplasia), Gracie (12 with a slight heart murmur), and Ella (7 with moderate hip dysplasia and luxating patella grade 2-3).

I purchased the Rejuvenation Kit for Seniors and Hearty Heart about a month ago and started seeing results within one week. Their activity level was up about 10%. By the end of week 2, their activity level was up about 20% as verified by their Pet Pace monitors. My 10-year-old has severe hip dysplasia and within 2 weeks he was going up and down the back door stairs with no problem. At the one-month mark, I am able to cut back on cold laser hip treatments from every 2 weeks to every 3 weeks. I am very pleased with the products and I’ll be re-ordering.

They have all seen improvement in their joints and increased energy levels. I mix it in their food.  I am almost out and am anxious to keep them on these supplements because their energy levels are so much improved.

Update – June 2018

It is quite remarkable how quickly I have seen improvement in Cooper, my 10.3-year-old cavalier since using the Rejuvenation Kit for Senior Pets. It was just a matter of weeks before Cooper showed more energy and less arthritic discomfort in his hips. Cooper has severe hip dysplasia and he is now running up the back door stairs to the house and only needs cold laser treatment about once a month now instead of every other week. Highly recommend.
cavalier metabolism support

Update – August 2018

3 Months + on NHV and I have a positive update. Typically in Florida, the dawg days of summer in August bring significantly lower activity levels in my cavaliers, particularly my senior cavaliers. Well, month 3 on the NHV Metabolism Kit has brought INCREASED activity levels (as measured by my Pet Pace monitors). I haven’t seen my Cooper, who is age 10.5 years and is Stage B2 MVD, dance to run outside and play in the backyard multiple times a day in years! All 4 have been more active and I have noticed an increased clarity and alertness in their eyes. Thank you NHV!
Cavalier dog supplements

Unfortunately, we lost Gracie in mid-October 2019. She passed peacefully while sleeping in her mum’s arms.

How do our supplements help?

The Rejuvenation kit for senior pets offers Old Timer, Yucca, and Multi Essentials together in a money-saving convenient bundle.

Luxating Patella – Yucca extract is a natural anti-inflammatory that also helps reduce discomfort. NHV Yucca is specially formulated to suit pets on a long term

Hip Dysplasia – Old Timer is a blend of herbs that help support hip and joint health. It is useful for symptoms of arthritis and IVDD as well.

Energy LevelsMulti Essentials is a herbal multivitamin that fills dietary gaps and boosts appetite. As a result, it boosts the energy levels of the pets too.

Appetite & Discomfort–  Yucca helps to stimulate appetite and ease joint and muscle discomfort

Hearty-Heart is safe for long term use

Heart MurmurHearty-Heart has herbs like hawthorn that can help restore normal cardiac function. Heart murmurs are common in middle-aged smaller breed dogs. Hearty-Heart is safe for long term use and works effectively with any vet prescribed medicines too

We are here to help

We are thrilled that Cooper and the gang are benefiting so much from the supplements and they were able to enjoy the Florida summer with their mama! NHV Pet Experts are eager to help put together a regimen for pets of all ages, breeds, and conditions. And we are most excited to receive updates like these. We thank their mom for keeping us updated and reaching out to us for help.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: May 30, 2018

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