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How Jay the Sheltie Takes His NHV Supplements?

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How Jay the Sheltie Takes His NHV Supplements?

Wet food not only adds much-needed moisture to your pet’s digestive system but also serves as a great way to administer liquid supplements and remedies like ours. We recommend topping up any dog or cat food with fresh & healthy wet toppings like green beans, pureed pumpkin, yogurt, or chicken broth. Jay’s dad and mom picked chicken broth. Jay’s coping with a host of different issues and takes a bunch of NHV remedies to stay healthy and continue fighting. Here’s how he takes them.

First, they line up all his NHV remedies and supplements.

NHV supplements for dogs and cats Jay sheltie

Second – they add some chicken broth to his favorite kibble

adding broth to kibble nHV Dosage

Third – they use the dropper that comes along with each NHV product to measure how much Jay needs. They add the dosage in his moistened kibble.

adding supplement dosage to kibble and broth

Jay gobbles it up, it is softer and easy to digest. And he gets all his supplements at the same time.

An alternative way could be of mixing all the supplements together and sucking them up in a syringe. Then slowly drop the mixture in his cheek pocket. Follow up with food or treats. Some yogurt or chicken broth can be added to the mixture too.

Here’s what Jay’s parents told us.

Thank you so much. We are going to continue using NHV supplements. Please pray that Jay is always healthy.

Jay sheltie dog nhv dog supplements

We are going to continue helping Jay to the best ability.

jay sheltie cushings
Update – June 2018 Jay is continuing to do wonderfully on his holistic regimen

Let us know if you have any questions about administering our supplements, please do get in touch with us. Here’s how we give our kitties and dogs their NHV supplements.

DIY: Healthy home-made food for your cat with all essential supplements

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: November 25, 2017

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