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Living with Lymphoma: Notes from Tilly the senior cat

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Living with Lymphoma: Notes from Tilly the senior cat

We first heard about Tilly when her mom got in contact with us on Facebook, after leaving a review for the Lymphoma Gold Support kit. After being diagnosed with large cell Lymphoma, Tilly’s parents had made the hard decision to stop chemo and give Tilly the best care and comfort they could at home.

Our senior cat was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and we have decided not to continue chemo. She was not eating or drinking. I started the lymphoma Gold Support supplements one day ago. She went to her water bowl and had been drinking water all day! I am so hopeful these products will help her remaining days a little better.

After checking in with Tilly recently we were so happy to hear that she is doing well on the supplements, and we asked her mom Lisa to share with us a little more about the journey that Tilly and her family have been through with Lymphoma.

Q. Please tell us about Tilly?

“Tilly just celebrated her 15th birthday on August 20th! We had three cats at our house already back in 2005 and my husband who is a huge lover of cats heard the local pet store had some kittens. He headed right there and within an hour, Tilly was at our house. I was a little unprepared and nervous as we already had three cats. The cat litter boxes in our house were crazy! She quickly became family and the older cats took her in with love. She is the sweetest cat in the world, very laid back, and loves food, a lot. 🙂

She loves to lounge in the sunshine and knows the spots in the house when it creeps in and she heads there when it is present. She is a little slower these days but manages to find sunshine patches when they are close by.

With the other 3 cats now passed to the rainbow bridge (they all lived to be 16-20 years old), we recently brought home a new kitten. Tilly has been open to the new member but the new kitten does not seem to be as welcoming. Tilly keeps to herself and does not seem to mind the new kitty, as long as she stays upstairs. They will be friends in time. I know it because Tilly is the most loving cat and can’t really move fast anymore as stated earlier. She loves the sleep on our bed and is attached to my husband. They are best buds.”

tilly lymphoma cat

Q. When did you first realize that something was not right?

“She lost her litter-mate in Feb and by March Tilly stopped eating and was not able to keep anything down. We thought she might be sad about that but quickly realized something was not right. I took her to the Dr and they did not really know what it might be so they ordered an ultrasound. The results came back that she had two masses that were preventing her from using the bathroom or wanting to eat. We took her to an oncologist and they gave us the grave news about lifespan.

They said it would be about three months. They gave her one treatment of chemo and we decided to choose for her to live out the remaining days she had in comfort and at home. I discovered so many people were very judgmental about this decision on support groups I followed online. I quickly left those and decided I did not need the negativity and we felt we made the best decision. I knew though that I also wanted to research what else we could do holistically. I then discovered NHV Pet products and I will be forever grateful. These products along with 1 [Pharmaceutical] pill a day are what have given her more months with us. We are going on 7 months after her diagnosis where they gave her a couple to live. She has gained all of her weight back and is still the sweetest cat to this day. She is slower but she has kind of always been that way. She is not a fan of a treadmill, but who really is?”

Q. What supplements is she now on, and how long has she been on them?

“She is on 1ML each a day of the Lymphoma gold kit and 1 [pharmaceutical] pill a day, a dietary powder supplement and [supplement] oil.”

Q. What changes have you seen in her?

“Her eating and drinking are back to normal, she is a little slower than her younger self but we are just letting her enjoy her life to the fullest and do what she wants. She is an indoor cat but we have been letting her lay in the grass lately while we keep an eagle eye on her. She will stay out there for a couple of mins and then finds her way back 10 feet into the house again. I believe she has arthritis in her hips so we give her a pill for that once a month. Really she is back to being a sweet cat and still bonding with us all.”

tilly lymphoma cat

Q. Apart from her supplements, have you had to alter any other aspects of her care?

“We try to make her more comfortable by lifting her up and down the stairs and assisting her up on the couch and bed now because of her hips. Her cat bed is now downstairs and she spends most of the time alongside my husband as he works in his office during the day. She loves being anywhere by him.”

tilly lymphoma cat

Q. With it being back to school soon, if Tilly were to teach a class of cats, what she would give them a lesson in?

“I don’t know if schools still do anything like this and it will date me but definitely home economics. She would teach kids how to bake a delicious plate of brownies and sew an awesome pillow to lay on. She likes food and the comfort of home. That is what makes her so lovely.”

Tilly has been blessed with a loving, doting family who will do anything for her, and she is already living longer than her original diagnosis. We were so happy to hear that Tilly is doing well, and continues to enjoy her sunbathing and cuddles. Tilly is taking NHV’s Lymphoma Gold Support Kit for cats which contains:

ES-Clear –  A 100% natural herbal pet supplement that helps to strengthen the immune system by targeting critical areas such as the kidneys, liver, stomach, arteries, spleen, and lymph nodes. The supplement also helps to maintain energy levels and appetite, whilst also easing the discomfort that pets with cancer feel. ES-Clear can help to give your pet a better quality of life whilst fighting disease.

Felimm – is a great supplement for kitties to help strengthen weakened immune systems. It improves appetite, increases energy levels, and helps combat upper respiratory tract infections. Felimm is especially good for cats who are fighting lymphomas, the FIV virus, and Feline Leukemia. Felimm targets the lymph nodes so is recommended as the top supplement to fight against lymphoma.

Tripsy – is our main supplement for Kidney health and urinary tract disorders. It helps to keep a healthy urinary tract, including the kidneys, bladder, and the pathways in between them. An all-natural anti-inflammatory, Tripsy also helps with the breakdown of kidney stones and crystals, easing uncomfortable urination and other symptoms. For kitty’s taking medication and undergoing chemo Tripsy helps to boost Kidney health.

Milk Thistle helps a lot in addition to these because it is great for the liver. We have lots of other supplements to help cats like Tilly. Please reach out to your NHV Pet Expert for customized advice.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 30, 2019

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