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Lucky Feline leukemia survivor hits the Jackpot…twice!

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Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is a contagious condition in cats. FeLV can cause blood disorders and immune deficiency. Because of this decreased immunity, cats infected with FeLV may have a harder time fighting off basic infections. It is not impossible, however, for a cat to live a happy, healthy life with FeLV.

Frodo cat with Felv

These cats must be kept indoors to prevent transfer of the virus to other cats, and to prevent exposure to possible infection.

Approximately 50% of cats who are infected with the leukemia virus will be able to fight the virus and clear it from their system. Such was the case for Mikhaela’s sweet kitty, Mr. Frodo, as she was happy to report to us:

“Meet Mr. Frodo. A little over a year ago, I found this sweet kitty wandering around the neighborhood. All he wanted was attention. He was flea-ridden, had weepy eyes, and he was sneezy and snotty. On top of the obvious medical problems, someone had shaved parts of his back and had cut all of his whiskers off. I knew he needed me. I made an appointment for him with the vet. They gave him some antibiotics, flea and worm medicine, and when he was feeling better, we made an appointment to have him neutered.

Frodo cat with Felv

After his surgery, I was on my way to pick him up when I received a call from the vet. The receptionist told me that after his surgery, they did blood work. He tested positive for feline leukemia. She told me that I had to promise to keep him inside, or they wanted to put him down. I had not even dreamed of having another cat; I even had the vet clip his ear to acknowledge he was a neutered stray. But I knew that this cat, who was the friendliest feline I had ever met, could not die today.

Frodo cat with Felv

So I took him in and helped him heal from surgery. I already knew that L-Lysine could help with kitty colds, but i knew nothing about feline leukemia, other than it was contagious and incurable. I did some research and found NHV Natural Pet Products Felimm. I decided to give it a try.

Over the next 6 months, I gave Mr. Frodo a daily dose of [other pharmaceutical] and Felimm. I even took him with me to a week long work training I had to attend so I could make sure he got his medicine. During these months I saw a vast improvement in his health. He had no colds, no sneezes. He was playful and purred every second of every day. I decided to have him tested again for feline leukemia. I am ecstatic to announce that Mr. Frodo tested NEGATIVE for feline leukemia. It was and is nothing short of a miracle.

frodo the cat with felv takes NHV

He is happy and healthy, got vaccinated for feline leukemia, is set to get his booster this week, and is now a permanent member of my household. I think I needed him as much as he needed me. So thank you, NHV. Felimm helped Mr. Frodo’s immune system fight. Your products will now and forever be part of my furbabies’ lives. We are eternally grateful.”

With the added immune support of Felimm, Mr. Frodo was able to successfully fight the virus and clear it from his system. Not only that, but he hit the jackpot twice, gaining a loving family in the process.

NHV Felimm helps to support the immune system, aiding in the fight against Feline Leukemia. Depending on the stage of the virus, it is entirely possible for a kitty’s body to fight hard enough to clear the virus. Though this is not always the case, Felimm can help to support FeLV positive kitties and keep them clear of any secondary infections which very often make them sick and decline rapidly. The key to a long, healthy life with FeLV is keeping secondary infections at bay.


Sniffing their bottle of NHV Felimm – Cats Charlotte and Crush

If your kitty is suffering from FeLV or another virus or infection, contact our Pet Experts to find the supplements which are right for you.

Published: November 5, 2018

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