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Lymphoma Gold Support


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Lymphoma Cat: Merkaba’s Story

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lymphoma cat Merkaba's transformational story. Before and after pictures since using NHV Lymphoma Gold Support Kit

Do you have a lymphoma cat? This systematic cancer can appear in many parts of their bodies and often require chemotherapy to treat it.

My 7 year old cat Merkaba developed a large lump over her eye in October of 2023. We went to our vet and attempted antibiotics and steroids before her biopsy surgery. We were told that she had large cell lymphoma, which is the worst kind of cancer for cats and that her prognosis without chemotherapy would be 2-3 months.

Other treatments besides chemotherapy are surgery and radiation therapy. Vets will decide which treatment option to go for after confirming the location and severity of your little one’s lymphoma.

Undeterred by this prognosis, Merkaba’s furmily started seeking natural support for their sweetheart. A month after the diagnosis, they discovered NHV supplements on Amazon.

NHV Supplements & Lymphoma Cat

We started giving her the lymphoma gold tinctures on November 15, and she looks remarkable! The entire vet’s office was shocked at her rapid recovery. Her appetite is great, she takes her NHV products mixed with Nulo cat purée and loves them. Her coat has never looks healthier, and she is acting perfectly normal and healthy. I highly recommend these products to anyone who is considering a holistic approach to healing their pet. They worked quite fast, and were much easier to give her thank the medications from the vet!

This systematic cancer can appear in many parts of their bodies and often require chemotherapy to treat it.

Lymphoma symptoms also depends on the location and severity. However, some common ones include changes in appetite, lethargy, and weight loss.

Our vets added NHV Felimm to the Lymphoma Gold Support kit to address Merkaba’s appetite loss. Herbs like dandelion helps stimulate her appetite. Combined with NHV ES-Clear and NHV Tripsy, the holistic pack helps detoxify your pet’s lymphatic system, scavenge free radicals, and support the kidneys – crucial for coping with lymphoma.

On top of that, the herbs in Tripsy may help with the swollen lymph node.

I have some great news, Merkaba had a miraculous morning. I think the fluid inflammatory fluid drained out so much that I can finally see her entire eye again, and the third eyelid is where is supposed to be at last!!!

In addition to the bundle, Merkaba has incorporated NHV Natures Immuno into her regimen. This blend of mushrooms is beneficial as an anticancer support. It also supports the vitality and general well-being of this sweet girl.

Latest Update (Jan 24, 2024)

lymphoma cat: Two cats hugging each other on a green sheet
Merkaba is doing fantastic! She is still on her regime of lymphoma gold +nature’s immuno. She has been taking nhv products since Nov 15 and I truly believe they saved her life. I took these pics of her and her very long whiskers! She never had whiskers like that before taking nhv and they are gorgeous, and her hair is super shinny too. We couldn’t be happier about finding NHV!

We couldn’t be happier to be a part of Merkaba’s wellness journey. Our team is sending this pretty girl lots of hugs and healing thoughts!

If you have any questions about lymphoma in cats or anything else, please don’t hesitate to click the button below and connect with us!

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: February 8, 2024

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