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Mama’s Sunflower: Flower the Cat’s Brave Battle With Cancer

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 7 min read
Mama’s Sunflower: Flower the Cat’s Brave Battle With Cancer

We are always deeply saddened to hear that one of our NHV family members has passed, especially from cancer. When Flower’s meow-ma got in touch to tell us of little Flower’s crossing over the rainbow bridge the whole NHV team was so downhearted to hear the news. One of our little Instagram shining stars, Flower had shared her journey with us online and stolen a piece of everyone’s heart with her cute Calico nose. Pawticipating in our latest NHV Natural Selfie in July, she wanted to share the NHV love and help other fur kids in need.

Flower left paw prints on everybody’s heart. Elena her mum has kindly shared some of this feline cancer warrior’s life with us below:

Q: How did Flower first come into your life?

Flower was a rescued cat. She came to us after her feeder and rescuer sent her for surgery to remove cancerous tumors that had ulcerated. We initially agreed to take care of her for a few days. Which became a long-term foster. She moved on as a member of our family, our adopted fur kiddo. I fell in love with her at first sight. Her Pawpa was secretly in love but not very vocal about it.
flower and pawpa
She was unsure of many things. Recovering from surgery, in a new place… seeing many new faces. Our first few days together were cautious and curious. Uncertain but respectful. We spent the first few days taking turns just sitting in her room quietly with her. Allowing her to become familiar with our scent, approaching us if she wants to, or simply look from her “safe corner”. I have very fond memories of that. By the way, Flower knew that the efforts she made with her insta furrrfriends had helped others in rescue shelters. I told her when I saw the insta update that we reached the goal of required posts 4 days before she moved on!

Q: What is your favorite memory of Flower?

#1: Flower and Meow-ma Sleepovers

We didn’t allow her into our room at first. Her Pawpa was concerned about his zzz and accidentally kicking her off our bed. So instead, I started having sleepovers with her in our living room. There were days where she refused to return to her room. There were days where I really needed our time together. I remember the first of our sleepovers, she was super cautious of me. She perched herself on our sofa looking at me from higher up, zzz away. Slowly, gradually… she came and slept by my side. Flower’s a very intuitive cat. She knew when I would get body aches from sleeping too much on the floor. We would have maximum 2 nights of sleepovers and she will return to her room and bed on the 3rd floor so that I could have better rest.

#2: Flower’s Music

She loves music. I would often sing her “nonsensical” melodies and songs that came to my mind. I started doing that when we first had to clean her surgery wound… the most authentic part of a cat – her belly. Slowly, I realized that she actually liked peaceful music and would swish her tail to the rhythm. Her favorites and sure-knock-her-out-sleeping are solfeggio frequencies music. Once Pawpa played salsa music and we were both amused to see her swishing tail to the beats.
flower - paws - cute

Q: If you were to pick 3 words to describe Flower what would they be?

Peaceful – I always feel very peaceful whenever she’s around. I would be so at peace that we would both fall asleep beside each other.
Bundle-of-Miracles – Will you believe that she healed us just doing what she do? Flower brought with her opportunities of looking into my childhood traumas. I had much rapid transgenerational healing just from me taking care of her. I even managed to resolve them while she was around physically.
Sunflower – Well, her name is Flower. And she brought joy, sunshine, and happiness into my life so her nickname “Mama’s Sunflower.
flower-lying down cancer

Q: When did you first discover NHV and why did you want to try it?

I came across a blog from Nate the Cat. He was my inspiration and hope in finding our way to NHV. Thank you, Nate, wherever you are. Blessings and love, little one. I wanted Flower to have a quality life in her loving home instead of taking that away from her by having her go through chemo, medication, surgeries. Which was “prescribed” coldly by her first vet. I admit that western medicine is useful (my personal opinion: to a certain extent if we actually know the root cause instead of treating symptoms as the root cause).
Mama’s Sunflower: Flower the cat’s brave battle with cancer

Q: Which supplements did Flower take? How did you feel they helped?

She started with Nature’s Immuno and BK Detox. It wasn’t an immediate liking but she didn’t like it. There was a transition period and she would then look forward to it after getting used to its taste and smell. Tripsy was immediate love at first smell and taste. I purchased ES-Clear which remained unopened and Hearty-Heart which she barely took (we were at the time where she decided no more western medicine or even natural supplements). She will eat food without supplements but not food with added supplements. I had to honor her wishes.
flower-thekitty cancer

Q: What advice would you give other pet parents going through the same thing?

This is my personal opinion, not advice, and some people may think differently. Please discern and do what is best for your fur kids. Sometimes, it might mean we have to go with our gut feel or change vets until “The One” appears. At all times, remember to (disclaimer) check with your own vet (hopefully one who is more holistic as Flower’s first vet was very “cold” and not very compassionate) with your fur kid’s whatever reports.)

Having an animal companion is a lifetime commitment. Their lifetime. Many of us (pawrents) outlive our fur kiddos. Pawrents-to-be, commitment is more than just feeding and changing their potties. It is looking after them:* Physically (Food, Nutrients, Exercise)* Emotionally *Mentally

Our animal companions often act out when they are mirroring us and reflecting their humans, they get confused when they were actually helping us to heal. We, humans, and our endocrine system… adrenals start pumping cortisol and other hormones when we are stressed and over a prolonged period of stress, we start manifesting physical symptoms. I have sneaky suspicions or call that gut-feel that it is the same for them.

Long-term stress is possibly the biggest culprit in triggering flooding cortisol, a spike in insulin, and subsequent insulin resistance that messes up many other parts of the endocrine system (for humans) over time… (which I suspect is very similar for animals. I became endocrine-fanatic while taking care of Flower, attempting to figure out how best to help her. In the end, after she moved on, the practices in food and nutrients I picked up to support her improved my own health visibly.

flower collage cancer
We are often given impressions on how vitamins and minerals work in isolation. Yet this is not the truth. If we go deep into endocrine studies, it’s furthest from the truth. There are healthy relationships in how different hormones, enzymes, cholesterol, food, and nutrients work together. The grandmother of all would probably be, to do our own inner work and healing so they don’t have to “absorb” that energy from us. And patience for pawrents with rescued animals. They might need a little more time and good ol’ TLC. Before Flower moved on into her new lease of life, she was almost always captured on cameras with her smiley face which was quite different from her first few photos.
flower the cat cancer

We were so moved to hear that since Flowers passing, her parents have gifted her NHV supplements to another Kitty, who is already benefiting from her new regime. She is a stray cat that Elena found in need. Read more about Coco below.

After losing a furkid it is such a personal decision on when it is right to let in and love another furry creature, and we were thrilled to hear that now some time has passed since Flowers crossed the rainbow bridge another kitty has joined the family.

Flower now has a little sister to keep her mum and dad company, 2yr old Aurora! Aurora is already on Multi Essentials and Milk Thistle, and we look forward to watching her grow and being a part of our NHV family.

aurora - cat - looking cancer

Understanding your pet and figuring out the best diet, the best supplements, and the most useful toys and comfort accessories is a unique journey.

We are so happy to be a part of Elena’s caring regimens for her kitties. Understanding your pet and figuring out the best diet, the best supplements,, and the most useful toys and comfort accessories is a unique journey. Elena went with her gut feelings, keeping in close touch with her vet, and keeping NHV Pet Experts in the loop as well. Her advice to other pet parents is priceless.

rainbow bridge flower the cat cancer

We hope Flower’s story can help more pet parents realize everything that is a part of truly caring for a pet.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: September 21, 2019

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