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Capturing Hearts and Photos: The PBJ Pack Story

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 5 min read
Capturing hearts - pbj packs

Nothing goes together better than PB&J. We know you’re probably thinking about the sandwich, but we’re talking about a different kind of PBJ. The one and only @PBJ_Pack!

The PBJ Pack is made up of four adorable pups Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser, and Jax, and their pawrents Pete and Brandi! These six travel around Arizona, their home state, and take adorable photos in coordinated outfits, and inspire thousands of people with their perfect pictures and well-trained tricks! Their ‘momager’, Brandi, is their photographer, trainer, and wardrobe consultant, while dad, Pete, is the adventure and trip planner. This family loves going on adventures, being outdoors, exploring, learning, training, posing, and most of all being together. We love following along on their adventures and think you’d love them too. Read on to learn about this fabulous fam of #pupfluencers.


The PBJ Pack


It all began with Joey, he was the first pup member of the PBJ Pack and was the J that completed the PBJ name. Sadly, Joey crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2017, just before his 17th birthday. Joey was a little rebel who loved to knock over recycling bins, break his ‘stay’ for treats, and loved to run (even run away from mom and dad, making life with Joey always a fun adventure). Joey is deeply missed by the entire pack, and the memories of his adventures, his loving smile, and the warmth he brought to his family’s life will never be forgotten. Joey started the PBJ legacy, and his light and love shine through all the adventures his family takes, there isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t on their mind.



Following Joey, came sweetheart Pebbles. She’s the only girl of the pack, and therefore “the Princess and Ruler of the boys!” Pebbles is a 14-year-old Maltese and known for her loud personality. She can always be seen with a signature feather in her hair and is mommy’s little angel.

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We were introduced to this amazing family through Pebbles. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur last year and her pawrents were determined to take an all-natural approach to her health regimen. For Pebbles’ heart murmur, she takes the Cardiovascular Super Support Health Kit which includes Hearty-Heart and Turmeric. These two natural remedies work together to support the health of the heart and cardiovascular system synergetically. The Hearty-Heart contains herbs like motherwort, known for its strengthening effect on the heart, as well as valerian a natural herb that helps lower blood pressure and helps with heart palpitations, it is designed to support overall health, energy levels, appetite, and blow flow to the heart. In addition to helping with the cardiovascular system, Turmeric is very helpful in scavenging free radicals, detoxifying the body, reducing inflammation of joints, and promoting healthy liver function.

Brandi and Pete updated us that Pebbles has been feeling better and is back to herself and continues to rule the boys and pose perfectly for photos! We’re so happy that she’s feeling like her sassy, loud, energetic self, and above all else, we’re so grateful to have been introduced to the rest of her amazing pack.


The first B of PBJ is this handsome pooch named Benji! He’s part Pekingese, Maltese, and Yorkie, and about 11 years old. Benji was rescued from the LA County Shelter and fostered by a loving woman until one day his Mommy found his adoption listing and fell in love. Benji is deaf and blind, but that has never slowed him down one bit. He is constantly surprising his pawrents with his bravery, adventurousness, and his love of playing hide and seek (he always finds the best hiding spots). His favorite pastime is to sit outside and smell the world. He also loves the beach and wide-open spaces where he can follow his nose to wherever the wind takes him. Benji teaches everyone around him that no matter the limitations, anything is possible. His pawrents say that he teaches them to slow down and live in the present, which is a lesson we can all share. 


The second ‘B’ of the group is Bruiser! He’s a 9-year-old Maltipoo who enjoys meeting and greeting new people, giving lots and lots of kisses, cuddling, and snuggling with them! He’s a big lovebug who mama considers unstoppable and incredibly brave. Bruiser also loves to smile big for the camera and has been in a professional video shoot for a commercial. He’s pawsitively famous! He’s also a dock diver, a trick dog, a professional model, a skateboarder, a gymnast, a barn hunter, a nose worker, an obedience master, a good kisser, a great little brother, the best big brother, and most of all a best friend. So much in one little package!


Finally, The J that completes the PB, is Jax! Jax is the baby of the pack and is only 3 years old. He’s a Maltipoo who is full of spunk, happiness, energy, and the biggest brain you ever did see says his mama. He’s been training since he joined the pack, is very smart, eager to learn, and loves food and praise. In less than a year, Jax earned his Canine Good Citizen title, his Novice Rally title, his Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Trick Dog titles, and his Barn Hunt Instinct title. His favorite trick is ‘hug’, which is definitely one of our favorites too! Just look how cute he is. 


Between traveling and adventuring around, this pack spends a lot of time training. Training is key to getting those #perfectposes. Mama Brandi loves training her pack before meals which pay off when it comes to picture day. One of our favorite extensions of their social account is their dad’s Instagram called, @mr_pbj_pack where dad, Pete, posts behind the scenes of how the shots are taken. The behind the scenes videos help us learn about the amazing patience, talent, and training it takes to get these adorable pooches to pose so perfectly. Pete and Brandi are very dedicated parents and it shines through all the work that they do! Just look and see an example of how attentive and focused the pack is:

We love this pack so much, and we love learning and exploring with them through their adventures and photos. They teach us so much about family, training, patience, perseverance, and know exactly how to make you smile or laugh out loud. We love following them on all of their adventures and think you will too!


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Published: September 17, 2020

2 replies

  1. Lisa Wilson says:

    Love you PBJ PACK! We look so forward to your posts and adventures! Mom Brandi, is great and is always willing to answer our mom’s questions and always responds to our remarks! We feel like the PBJ PACK are our friends and not just someone we see on the internet. Thank you PBJ PACK for making us smile and laugh daily! PLUS, We know how much Mom and Dad love you and want the best for you, so we trust the products that they use and the information they share!
    Love you!

    Rocker, Belle and The Momma!
    PS Mr PBJ, please share your behind the scenes videos on FB, we’d love to see them, but don’t have Instagram!

    1. Team NHV says:

      Hi Lisa, Rocker and Belle!

      Awww, we couldn’t agree more! We loveee following the pack on their adventures. Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser, and Jax have such a distinctly unique personality that we’ve all grown to love! ♥

      They are our dear furriends that brighten up our days! Pete and Brandi played such a big role in sharing their lives with us and the world. All of them are so lucky to have found one another! We’ve furever thankful for that and only wish good things come to the furmily’s way!

      We’ll hope Pete shares more of the BTS videos on FB, we won’t ever turn down an opportunity to catch more glances of these adorable cuties!

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