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Vitality Kit For Senior Pets

PetOmega 3, Multi Essentials, Yucca & Old Timer

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Supporting Vino The Rescued Senior Chihuahua Naturally

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read
Vino rescue dog

5 Things About Vino – NHV’s Head Senior Doggo

  1. Hoards! Especially marshmallows
  2. Has name etched on a brick with the rest of his rescue crew
  3. Works full time visiting shelters and fostering senior pups
  4. Got potty-trained first time at the age of 10
  5. Tongue is perpetually out

Vino’s mum came to us in early 2017 seeking some natural remedies to help her gang of rescued small breed pups with various health concerns. She is now a beloved friend of NHV, who keeps us informed about her pups and we follow all the amazing rescue work that she does. Some of her pups that NHV has supported got their angel wings, and we will always cherish the many stories and photos we have of them. Our most special one will always be little Rhea who inspired many pet parents to adopt senior pets.

Rhea’s Doing Her Happy Dance Again And Her Special Remedies Are Yet To Start!

We continue to support mum Yesenia and her pups with NHV supplements, and Vino is one of them.

happy Vino

Vino is an 11-year-old senior chi rescued from a high kill shelter. When he came home with is rescue mom, he somehow knew he had got a second chance at life. The kindness his mom shows him gives him so much happiness and he doesn’t want to keep it just to himself. Vino knew what it’s like living in a shelter, so he started to visit shelters with his mum to be a friend to those in need. He even shares his food supply with the shelter pets. Vino’s mum is a foster and brings many pups in the home, and Vino is so welcoming. He teaches them kindness and how to be good boys and girls!

How is NHV helping this senior?

To help keep this elder fella strong, Vino has taken Hearty Heart, Supraglan, Old Timer, PetOmega, and Turmeric. All these supplements are beneficial for overall health and can help your senior furry friends live healthy, playful lives. They have been picked keeping in mind his age and his vulnerability to certain conditions as a chihuahua.

At various stages, his mom has told us how much the supplements help Vino keep his mojo. He is a senior pup but he is energetic and healthy, The holistic regimen saves her trips to the vet.

A couple of months back, this good boy went to the vet and had his teeth extracted! (teefs out, tongues out). We added Milk Thistle to his regime following his dental to help re-cooperate from being under anesthesia. Anesthesia at this age, and depending on the health, can be hard on the body so adding some extra support is very helpful.

teefs out, tongues out
I started taking Milk Thistle this morning to help clear the effects of anesthesia following my dental procedure yesterday. Thank you @nhvnaturalpet for always helping mommy find the right supplements for my siblings and me. I’m still a little tired and it’s difficult to eat even soft food, but I’m hoping I feel 💯 soon.
vino with milk thistle

His latest NHV stock includes various supplements. He is stocked up for almost 6-8 months. That’s proactive pet parenting!

vino senior chihuahua NHV supplements

Do you have questions about natural herbal support for your senior pet? Our natural herbal remedies help contribute to better health and improved well-being. Please contact one of our Pet Experts today. 🙂

Time Spent With Older Pets, How Can We Make The Most Of It?

Our senior pups and kitties can oftentimes require a little bit of extra TLC, (tender loving care) but no need to worry, NHV has supplements that can help them thrive every day and live long, happy, comfortable lives. You can find more helpful information on how to care for your senior pets in this blog written by our in-office veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Nascimento. 

Vet Talks: Caring for Senior Pets

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: November 28, 2018

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