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Marvelous Mutts And The Best Ways To Support Them Naturally

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
Marvelous Mutts And The Best Ways To Support Them Naturally

Have you ever loved a dog to bits even though you haven’t got the faintest idea what breed it might be? They have unique floppy or pointy ears that you just can’t describe to anyone, intelligent eyes, a sweet temperament, and such a pretty and unique coat. Available in all sizes, shapes, and patterns! With a little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that, mutts are truly one of a kind and very special dogs.

Whether you save a mutt from a shelter or the street, as a puppy or as an adult dog, they will be grateful to you for life. Animals don’t forget these sorts of things and they certainly don’t forget what you did for them.

Here’s a few reasons why we all love Mutts

Mutts are unique dogs

They have their very own look which makes them more unique. They are one of a kind, you will probably never going to see a dog that looks like your mutt. With so many variations in those genetic codes, it’s pretty challenging to find two that look just alike. Plus it’s always a proud moment when people compliment your pooch’s cool and unique look!

Uggie got his zoomies back

Uggie is the cute scruffy little mutt in the middle with such a unique appearance and personality.

Mutts tend to be more flexible

Purebreds are likely going to lean towards a certain personality and activity according to their breed. Mutts are a surprise package and tend to adjust to your lifestyle and your favorite activities. They are not as pre-programmed as purebreds who are often bred with a specific skill set, such as herding or hunting. They will have the behavior and temperament of the ‘best of both worlds’… (or three, or four, or five). It’s important to not judge a dog by how they look, but by determining if their lifestyle and requirements are a good match with your own.

Kane is a happy and sweet mutt who has adjusted very well to his fur siblings, the kitties!

Rescue mutts are grateful dogs

You will be gaining a best friend for life.

By adopting a mixed-breed dog from a shelter or a rescue organization, you are truly saving a life. You’re raising awareness for rescue and adoption. Removing a pet from the shelter system also frees up space and resources that can be used to help another homeless pet find a forever-loving home. Shelter mutts know when they’re given a second chance which makes them so grateful and eager to please. You will be gaining a best friend for life.

Midnight with his unique looks and sweet face was an owner surrender.
This photo was taken from the shelter after they were able to reunite this sweet baby to his loving family.

Older rescue mutts are house broken

An older rescue mutt usually comes pre-trained, from a previous owner or a foster home. You won’t have the wake up calls in the middle of the night, teething and biting issues, not as many stuff broken and accidents around the house. They may come with a broken heart but ready to love a new family again.

woodrow dog

This senior happy mutt is still a very playful boy, he was adopted by his mom when he was 8-10 years old.
Woodrow is truly the glue that holds our little pack together” – Amanda

Mutts tend to live longer?

It’s often said that mutts have a lower incidence of genetic diseases. Because of the mixed breed, they are generally considered healthier than purebred dogs, but we can’t assume a mutt will be the healthiest dog, they may come with a few health conditions or develop them over time. Here are some to look for:

  • Allergies: food allergies, seasonal allergies or even contact allergies. Treatment and holistic care vary according to the cause of the allergies and it usually includes dietary restrictions and changes in the routine.
    • Supplements: Stimmune can help improve their immune system and reduce allergy symptoms. Ouch Away spray can promote hair growth and reduce allergies and infections on the skin.
  • Joint issues: senior dogs including mutts may develop hip dysplasia and arthritis over time.  Some dogs show discomfort and lameness on one or both legs.
    • Supplements: Old Timer can help slow down arthritis and provide joint support. Yucca can help reduce inflammation and discomfort. Turmeric can also reduce discomfort and provide joint support
  • Heart condition: just like any other senior pet, mutts can also develop a heart condition over time.
    •  Supplements: Hearty Heart improves the heart function and eases off symptoms like coughing. It pairs really well with Turmeric and it promotes healthy circulation and heart function.
  • Digestive issues: rescue mutts may have digestive issues due to stress, trauma or they may have been exposed to parasites.
    • Supplements: Lesstress and Matricalm can help reduce anxiety in your mutt. Yucca can support their digestion and Plantaeris can help pups with diarrhea. Inulin PK is a natural dewormer.
  • Cancer: just like humans, dogs can also have cancer. In some cases, the tumors are surgically removed, others are treated with chemotherapy.
    • Supplements: ES Clear is our our main supplements to support dogs fight cancer and Milk Thistle can help detoxify the liver.
  • Infection: mutts can often be exposed to bacteria, infections and virus like parvo and kennel cough when living in a shelter or on the streets.
    • Supplements: Felimm can improve their immune system and help them fight different virus, infections and bacteria.
distemper dogs rags2wags rescue

These sweet mutts were exposed to the Canine Distemper virus
before being rescued by their foster family.

Helpful Tips to Care for Your Mutt

  • Try to socialize your mutt dog as much as you can. These sweet rescue mutts can develop some behavioral issues, so getting them comfortable around other dogs early on can help them feel more comfortable around other pets.
  • Reduce stress. Mutts can also come with some anxiety and stress issues which can often lead to other health issues.
  • Before bringing a rescue mutt home, make sure you dog proof your house. Put dangerous chemicals and toxic plants away and make sure your place is safe for your new fur kiddo.
  • Be pro-active: rescue pets can suffer from skin infections, heartworms, malnutrition and contagious disease, so take them to the vet before introducing them to other pets and book annual check ups with the vet.

Do you have any questions about supporting your pup? Ask an NHV Pet Expert.

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Published: July 26, 2019

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