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Mika Fights Feline Leukemia Back

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Mika on top of washing machine

We know how difficult it can be to learn that your fur baby has cancer. It wasn’t easy for Ahmad when he discovered that Mika, his 4-year old adorable little guy, has feline leukemia. Ahmad reached out to us as soon as he found out about his fur baby’s condition. He was worried because he’s got two other fur babies who were FIV/FeLV negative. We immediately advised him to start all three of the furkiddos on NHV Felimm and test them again in 6 to 8 months, as some cats are able to clear the virus from their system.

ahmad and mika on the sofa

After a while, Ahmad came to us because Mika was shedding a lot and his fur was getting thinner, which is common for cats FeLV positive. Our pet experts had the perfect solution, the NHV FeLV Fighter Pack. Since Ahmad’s fur babies were already taking Felimm, all they needed was a little support during the treatment.

This is how the NHV FeLV Fighter Pack works perfectly for cats like Mika:
• Felimm – helps to strengthen a weak immune system, detoxify the lymphatic system and stimulates appetite and improves energy levels
• Multi-Essentials – helps to fill nutritional voids, reduces fatigue, aids in digestion and promotes healthy skin and coat

Mika and Ahmad laying on the sofa together

Just a few months later, we received the best news from Ahmad, Mika was doing great.

The product that gave me hope… I was devastated and confuse back then when i receive the news on my belove furbaby Mika was Felv+… my Vet says nothing i can do but only hope for the best… But i refuse to take that and when to join an FB group for furparents who suffer from the same fate as me… They directed me to here… Highly recommended the felv fighter pack… Mika is not only doing well he is so strong and active now… Playful and mischievous he can even jump up the counter top when previously he can’t… Thank you NHV for giving me hope and in creating this supplement for my furbabies wellness, Thank you!

We are so happy Mika is feeling better and that we were able to help Ahmad’s furmily get through this rough patch!

Mika laying on top of a washing machine

If you are going through something similar with your furkid, learn more about Feline Leukemia with Dr. Amanda:

Understanding Feline Leukemia



Published: December 29, 2019

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