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NHV Gives Back – Sergeant the kitty with a bone infection

NHV Gives Back 2 min read
NHV Gives Back – Sergeant the kitty with a bone infection

Mr. Sergeant was rescued from the streets with a severe bite wound infection that lead to a bone infection! He is a sweet gentle soul who should have never been on the streets. Thankfully the wonderful #NHVpets community helped us donate supplements through the #NHVnaturalselfie campaign. His healing journey has begun!

Sweet Sergeant is now getting his severely abscessed leg wounds treated and he is being cared for by the wonderful people from @nyccatcoalition. Sargent is also an FIV-positive kitty who needs a loving forever home. He is a fighter and he loves being petted, he is just a gentle little lamb.

His amazing foster mom April is giving all the amazing care and love to this sweet baby and he has already come a long way. Heating pad on low, soft inflatable “cone”, raised food dishes, stuffed animals, he is being pampered and staying comfortable while he heals.

He has gone from 7 lbs to 11 lbs in 4 weeks!! The bad news is his bone infection in his elbow is worse from his dog-attack wound, as per x-rays taken 7/2/19. The vet is treating the bone infection with stronger antibiotics, and we’re exploring homeopathic supplements. If his bone infection doesn’t heal it will spread, and so he’ll have to have his right arm amputated. Trying to avoid that if we can!!!

Update – July 2019

After receiving some donations from the #NHVnaturalselfie campaign Sergeant has been doing well. He is looking happier and brighter, and although the bone infection in his elbow is still there, his body has recovered well from his other injuries. We received an update below from Sergeants very happy foster mum April, doesn’t he look pawesome!

Update – October 2019

Thank you 1,000 times. The sergeant has been cleared, no more bone infection, no more antibiotics. I’m continuing him on the supplements, mixed in baby food. I’m fostering 2 kittens- different ages, from different towns, and Sergeant wrestles so energetically yet gently with them, like Papa Kitten! My veterinary group is so impressed with his recovery.

What supplements are helping Sergeant?

Sergeant is taking 5 different NHV supplements at the moment:

The FIV Kit includes – Felimm to support his immune system and help him fight infections, BK Detox to help detoxify his blood and reduce infection, and Multi Essentials to replace important vitamins and nutrients he would have lost. Both Felimm and BK Detox can also support him long-term as he is an FIV kitty.

Yucca – To help reduce discomfort levels, stimulate appetite, and support inflamed muscles and joints.

Milk Thistle – Looking after Sergeant’s liver and kidneys, Milk Thistle will give crucial support whilst he is taking his vet-prescribed antibiotics. This gentle formula helps to support regeneration whilst acting as an anti-inflammatory with its anti-oxidant properties.

NHV donates its natural supplements worth $5000 to pets in need

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: July 23, 2019

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