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NHV donates its natural supplements worth $5000 to pets in need

NHV Gives Back 5 min read
NHV donates its natural supplements worth $5000 to pets in need

When you have paw power, there’s no stopping you. This July, NHV did its #NHVNaturalselfie donation drive for the second time and it was welcomed with all paws up by the cat and dog community of social media. Once again, we got ready to help pets in need – one selfie at a time.

We had made a promise that if we get 15000 pet selfies we will donate NHV products worth $5000 to homeless pets in need. We were determined to keep it. As soon as the campaign ended, we started looking for pets in need.

18000 selfies from pets all over the world for NHV’s giving back campaign

Here are the furkids who have received NHV supplements as donations through our #NHVNaturalselfie donation drive. Click on the pictures to learn more about each of them and how the supplements have helped.

1. Gramps – a senior kitty fighting cancer

Gramps lives with other senior rescues saved from euthanasia by a cat rescue in PA. We were able to donate to Gramps a 100-day supply of some supplements he really needed – Milk Thistle for his liver, ES-Clear to help the body cope with cancer & Natures Immuno to help keep tumor growth in check.

Gramps cat form @saving.seniors with tumor Natural selfie donations

2. Maxwell, Pistachio and Bandit – special needs Siberian huskies

They are battling immune disorders, senility issues, and Mega Esophagus. They are looked after by a rescue group @animal_town_sanctuary in So Cal. This rescue dedicates all its efforts to the lives of senior and special needs Siberian Huskies. All these Huskies are SENIORS from death row shelters.

nhv natural selfie donation
nhv natural selfie donation

3. Coffee Cat Rescues from Philippines – cats fighting outbreak of flu

@coffeethebosscat Rescues are a home-run shelter in the Philippines. We are making one exception and going outside North America. There was a flu outbreak and 5 kittens lost their lives. We simply wanted to do our bit at saving the rest of the cats from this flu.

cofffee cat rescues nhv donation

4. Caleb – an owner surrendered puppy at Dallas Dog Rescue, infested with ticks

Dallas RRR is a nonprofit 501(c)3 group of dedicated & loving volunteers that rescue dogs off the streets in Dallas for nationwide adoption. Caleb received no flea or tick prevention and was surrendered at their shelter, anemic, and in need of emergency care. The wonderful people at Dallas RRR have managed to save him. We have donated a 3 month supply. Check how this sweet pooch Caleb is doing now. 

caleb - natural selfie donations

5. Finn – FIV+ Tom Cat pulled out before euthanasia by Mended Whiskers Cat Rescue

Finn is an FIV-positive boy with calicivirus and a whole host of health problems. He was extremely emaciated and missing many teeth. He’s lived an extremely hard life and the shelter actually thought he was an old man because of how terrible his condition is. We have sent out supplements to help Finn get by.

Finn natural selfie cat

6. Honor – HavaHeart Rescue

Honor (right) was rescued from a puppy mill by HavaHeart rescue in Missouri. Sweet little Honor is absolutely terrified of the new world around her. You can see the fear in her poor little eyes. Follow her holistic journey.

7. Helen – Walk Me Home Rescue

Helen is a sweet little Yorkie rescued by Walk Me Home Rescue in California. When she arrived at the rescue she was not spayed, had a large polyp in her ear, and was in desperate need of dental care.  Helen is looking and feeling great, check how she is doing now.


8. Boby – Angels With Me Rescue

Boby is a senior chihuahua who was diagnosed with kidney disease and pancreatitis. He has spent some time hospitalized for his condition and we have donated a few supplements to help him cope. 


9. @rufkutdiamnd – retirement home for senior kitties

Rusty Rolling is a loving foster to senior kitties that need loving homes and some TLC.  We have donated some supplements, including ES ClearEcho GoldMulti Essentials, and Yucca to help provide comfort for those older kitties that need some extra support for their immune system.


10. Kira Rescue: special needs and senior dogs

These lovely rescuers help seniors and special needs dogs, they rescue and rehabilitate fur babies for a second chance at life.


11. Violet the Neglected Sharpei – @istandwithmypack

Sweet Violet was found in a terrible condition, she was diagnosed with Corona and upper respiratory, skin condition, and extremely malnourished. She was rescued by these amazing people @istandwithmypack. and we were able to donate supplements to help this beautiful girl.

violet istandwithmypack

12. Midnight the senior abandoned pup – @istandwithmypack

Midnight previous owner left him with their neighbors a couple of years back, who decided to keep Midnight and take care of him, but recently he got sick and the new owners didn’t have the means to pay for the expensive vet bills, so he had to be surrendered again. We decided to donate supplements to help this sweet pup’s health condition.

midnight istandwithmypack

13. Roo the MPS kitty – @triumphant_teagan

Sweet little Roo has mobility issues believed to be caused by a congenital condition called MPS. He is now being loved and well-taken care of by the best foster home. With the help of NHV supplements and some TLC, this little fighter is getting stronger every day.

roo cat mps

13. Sergeant the kitty with a bone infection – @nyccatcoalition

Mr. Sergeant was rescued from the streets with a severe bite wound infection that lead to a bone infection! He is now being cared for by his amazing foster mom and is on the road to recovery with the help of NHV supplements too.

Sergeant nycatcoalition

14. Milk Thistle bottles to help pets in Sweden

A rescue from Sweden reached out to us and we decided to make another exception and donate our products overseas to help some of their rescue pets.

We will keep adding more happy rescued puppies and kitties to this list as we continue to donate NHV Supplements worth $5000

18000 selfies from pets all over the world for NHV’s giving back campaign

It’s Back! Participate and donate with #NHVNaturalSelfie

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Published: August 23, 2018

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