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18000 selfies from pets all over the world for NHV’s giving back campaign

NHV Gives Back 4 min read
nhv natural selfies 2018

How many photos do you have of your pet on your phone? 100? 500? 1000? We have 18000 of them and they are all pets who joined us in giving back to the community.

Every year we donate our supplements and remedies to shelter pets in need. Last year we decided to let our Instagram community contribute to our donation by posting selfies with our hashtag. The overwhelming response from 2017 motivated us to do even more this year. So we fastened our seat belts and set out on a fun adventure – of collecting 15000 pet selfies from across the world! To donate NHV products worth $5000 to animals in need. In the process we made some new friends, we got to see so many goofy selfies and hear some wonderful stories.

We started collecting selfies in the first week of July. It was July 20 and we were still at 4000 selfies. Panic mode! We were determined to make our donation and hence, we changed the rules of the game. For the next 10 days, we agreed to count all selfies twice and give bonus points for some special selfies – photobombs, upside downs, nose boops, and selfies with NHV products in them!

To see all the selfies, head to our gallery here

In no time we exceeded our goal and we were ready to start our donation drive.

NHV donates its natural supplements worth $5000 to pets in need

Here are a few special moments from the cats, dogs, and other furry pets of Instagram and Twitter as they joined us for our cause!

Milo, NHV’s canine cancer champ, made the very first #NHVnaturalselfie

Milo, our canine cancer champ, made the very first #NHVnaturalselfie

Livingroom Lions made a selfie photo booth

Living Room Lions Made A Selfie Photo Booth!

Stray Liotta the cat made lots of funny selfies that we couldn’t stop laughing at

Stray liotta nhvnaturalselfie 2
Stray liotta nhvnaturalselfie 1
Stray liotta nhvnaturalselfie 3

Super Scooty championed the cause like a boss

super scooty NHV Natural pet products nhvnaturalselfie

Khan cats roared out to their Twitter and Instagram pals

genghis khan cats nhv natural supplements
nhv natural selfie cancer cat genghis

Many other furries joined us too

mr jingles hamster
koala selfie nhv natural selfie
alvin and B cat and horse selfie
hedge hog selfie

Rosie & Milo cats have a virtual summer adventure camp where they set a #NHVNaturalselfie station too

primrose the cat summer camp
rosie and milo summer camp

Rosie and Milo – two kitties from Instagram celebrated their second birthday with a virtual summer camp for their cat IG friends. Along with their hashtag #rosieandmilo2ndbdaysummercamp, they told all their guests to post selfies for #NHVNaturalselfie as well.

Pets went upside down to get bonus points

midge the cat
vino senior dog

We got some really fiesty supporters tooo!

selfie by champbailey

Our NVH team got so many boops, we lost count and our software crashed

boop my nose nhv natural selfie

Gaaaah! The selfies that had everything going on – photobomb, nose boops, upside down and NHV!

Judy selfie for nhv natural pet products

We saw pets from all over the world come together for a cause so close to their heart – helping homeless animals! We now have a fund of $5000 to help pets in need, of which $1300 has already been donated out to these pets in need (August 2018). To see who the donations are going to, follow this blog.

NHV donates its natural supplements worth $5000 to pets in need

We are going to keep this space updated so that all the wonderful pet families who joined our movement can stay connected with our donation drive! Keep honing your selfie skills- until 2019! 🙂

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: August 23, 2018

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