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First Aid Spray for dogs

Holistic First Aid for Your Dog’s Wounds

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NHV lends a paw to bullies in need

Inspiring Pet Tails 6 min read
NHV lends a paw to bullies in need

It is sad that bully breeds such as Pit bulls and Bulldogs have such a bad reputation. They suffer abuse and horrible treatment if they end up with a poor owner. Luckily there are incredible people out there to help these poor pups when they are beaten, starved, dumped, and on death row 🙁 Julie is the owner of Pitties and Paws Rescue and Sanctuary. She has witnessed some horrible cases of Pit Bulls with mange, eye, and ear infections, skin issues, anxiety, and stress… the list goes on and on. Julie came to us with one story about a beautiful Pittie named Bianca- here is her story in Julie’s words:

I wanted to share one of our many success stories and tell you how much your products will help these dogs. The pics I’ve attached are of Bianca. She’s a Bulldog we rescued who was only 18 months old and had spent 15 months of her life with un-contagious mange that her owner instead of getting her medical treatment threw her outside and chained her up. She was hidden from anyone that could help her. She was on her way to being dumped at the shelter when luckily a friend of the owners came into town that very day and contacted me to help save her.
pibull manges
pibull manges
pitbull bianca post CARE FOR MANGES
I was able to convince the owner to surrender her to us. She was in such horrible shape that even my vet recommended euthanizing her. The untreated mange was so bad that we were told she probably would not be able to save her hearing or eyesight. She had mange and serious skin infections all over her body, she was riddled with fleas, mites, and worms, she had ear and eye infections and the mange had caused both her eyes to sink in and droop. After many months of medical treatment, medications, and eye surgeries Bianca has thrived. We were also able to save her eyesight and hearing. She will have some special needs for the rest of her life like very, very sensitive skin and she can and will get ear and eye infections easily. She’s on an all-natural diet and we use all-natural products on her as we do for all the dogs whenever possible. Bianca now lives here with us and is a happy healthy girl. We rescue Pitbulls and Bulldogs. We started our rescue about four years ago after saving a Pitbull who had been burned all over her body with cigarettes. We knew at that very moment saving these dogs was what we were meant to do. I’ve included pictures of Bianca the night of her rescue, and her now with me and some of our many other rescues. Sincerely, Julie”

Julie and her team prefer using natural products on these dogs, as they are gentle and effective. The NHV team was so touched by this story and all that Pitties and Paws does for these sweet dogs so as a part of our ‘Giving Tuesday’ initiative in November 2017 NHV donated $1000 worth of supplements to help the team give these sweet animals a chance.

We are a small company, but we try to do what we can as we are dedicated to helping animals live happy and healthy life. These ‘bully’ breeds are so loyal and loving when given the proper treatment and unconditional love they deserve! We received an update from Julie on how the pups at Pitties and Paws have been doing since receiving the NHV donations:

Bianca pitbull
nhv first aid spray
Pitbull mange infection
After almost a year of being on meds and special food, she was doing well and thriving but still would try to dig or rub herself on the couch rubbing her face, head, And ears. We would have to keep a close watch over here and she would wear her e collar cozy cone to prevent her from hurting herself. We decided to try other options and were sent some natural products from NHV Natural Pet Products to use on our rescued dogs. Now several months later Bianca is free from wearing her head cone.

She also hasn’t been getting the repeat ear infections that she had been. Oogie, the boxer we rescued from the shelter with really bad skin issues. Using these products his skin is improving and he is gaining weight. Soon he’ll be healthy enough to be adopted to a forever home. Bentley has severe anxiety and panic attacks. The calming product has really helped especially when there is a bad storm with thunder and lightning. Now he will go into his crate (his cave as we call it) and there’s no whining, barking, or running back and forth through the house as he used to do.” Bentley is on Lesstress, it helps to reduce anxiety and calms agitated dogs.

Bentley has severe anxiety and panic attacks. The calming product has really helped especially when there is a bad storm with thunder and lightning. Now he will go into his crate (his cave as we call it) and there’s no whining, barking, or running back and forth through the house as he used to do.” Bentley is on Lesstress, it helps to reduce anxiety and calms agitated dogs.

Anxiety and stress in pitbulls
Ozzy came to us from the shelter with such bad kennel cough and respiratory he was miserable. His nose was stuffed up he had a stream of gooey green coming from his nose and gook in his eyes. Even after the vet put on him two doses of antibiotics and eye drops he still couldn’t shake it. After using the Resp Aid and eye drops he quickly was breathing better, no more noise and eye mucus.” Resp Aid has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps with respiratory issues such as viruses or asthma. The Echo Gold ear drops are an antibacterial formula to help fight infections in and around the ears.
Ozzy nhv resp aid pitbull
NHV Resp aid pitbull
The First Aid Spray is also fantastic for wounds and sores which sadly many of our rescues arrive here with and We use the Stimmune in the dogs’ food daily to help boost their immune systems. I could go on and on about how much these products have helped and we cannot thank them enough. We have been using their products on the dogs here with great results. We prefer to use natural products whenever we are able to for our dogs and I have just been amazed at how well these products have helped. We have tried others before, but none have helped the dogs soon much as these have. We will continue to use them and will definitely recommend them to any doggie or kitty parents.

This is truly what makes us proud to do what we do at NHV. These success stories are so heartwarming. The products that these pups are using are safe, gentle, and effective. Even the worst struck will benefit from their gentle effects. Thank you to Julie and her team for their selfless efforts and unconditional love for these sweet animals!

At NHV Natural Pet Products we are all pet lovers at heart and want to help animals everywhere, naturally. We extend a 15% discount to registered and licensed rescues and shelters working selflessly and rescuing animals in North America. If you know an organization that could use our support, please reach out to us.

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Published: March 19, 2018

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