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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Kit

Felimm, BK-Detox, & Multi Essentials

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FIV Positive Cats: Chip’s Story

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A 2-picture collage featuring one of FIV Positive Cats, Chip. The left picture he is lying down and the right picture he is looking up into the camera.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/FIV positive cats are often feral due to their nature and outdoor environment. Did you know that? This is because when these kitties live in the wild, they may frequently have to engage in fights to secure their territories, leading to bite wounds—the primary mode of FIV transmission.

FIV is commonly transmitted through bite wounds.

The lack of consistent veterinary care and exposure to harsh environmental conditions can further compromise feral cat’s immune systems, increasing susceptibility to the virus.

The star of today’s transformation story once roamed the outdoors as well. His name is Chip! Let’s get to know more about Jessica’s handsome kitty, starting with the journey that brought him from the wild into his heartwarming furever home.

Chip’s Journey From Feral Kitten to House Cat

FIV Positive Cats Chip and there is an arm and hand petting him. The fingernails are neon green
Chip was a feral cat, his mom was hit by a car when he was a kitten. The community tried to help as best we could. I always had a spot for Chip because he instantly came to me from the moment he was a kitten.

Fast forward to May, Jessica officially adopted Chip and welcomed him into her heart and home.

Unfortunately, Chip was diagnosed with FIV in his very first vet visit. Jessica noticed shortly after the diagnosis that he started having respiratory problems and conjunctivitis.

Respiratory and eye issues are two of the common clinical signs of FIV. Your FIV-positive cat may also experience swollen lymph nodes and gums (stomatitis), a drop in weight and appetite, fever, and diarrhea. Since FIV can weaken your little one’s immune system, they may also be more susceptible to other secondary infections. You can learn more about this feline viral infection here.

How NHV Felimm Supports FIV Positive Cats

Instead of constantly putting him on antibiotics I did my research. Seeing as though I have never had to take care of a pet with health issues as such, I came across NHV product. Looking into NHV and the ingredients and what it does I had to get it.

Chip’s furmom eventually got our main viral infection support – NHV Felimm – to help with her sweetie’s condition. The herbal blend helps strengthen the immune system to fight against FIV, helps address the symptoms, and may help restore vitality.

FIV Positive Cats: A cat with green eyes named Chip's close up
After giving him the drops twice a day in his food for a little over a week instantly noticed a difference I’ve also noticed now being about 2 months he has not had any issues as previous. No conjunctivitis, no sneezing, no runny nose and other symptoms that FIV gives. Thanks to NHV product I have a somewhat healthy boy, who eats as he should, plays as he should and carries on like a normal cat. I couldn’t be more thankful for this product, it gives me hope that we will have this sweet boy for a good number of years. In a home that loves him and wants the very best for him.

We are so happy to know that Chip is thriving! While there may not be a cure for FIV at the moment, providing your beloved kitty with the right medication, a well-balanced diet, and supplementary support can significantly contribute to keeping them as comfortable as possible throughout their battle.

FIV positive cats deserve the chance to live their best, healthiest life, just like Chip. If you have a little one also struggling with FIV, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! We are here to help.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: November 21, 2023

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