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NHV’s Halloween For Pets Was A Furry Special One

Promotions & Giveaways 4 min read
NHV’s Halloween For Pets Was A Furry Special One

We had a lot of fun this Halloween celebrating with doggos and kitties from around the world. We had some join us for the #NHVHalloweenDancePawty on Instagram and then there were others who took part in our Halloween Giveaway on Facebook. Here are some glimpses from the furry special Halloween we spent.

Wallenby won the opportunity to shop for NHV Natural Pet products worth $150.

Let’s start with our giveaway winner, a 6-month old Frenchie named Wallenby. Wallenby won the opportunity to shop for NHV Natural Pet products worth $150. He chose to get our herbal multivitamin blend, NHV Multi Essentials. Wallenby’s coat will get healthier and shinier and he will also gain more nutrition and energy from his food due to it. But what’s really special about Wallenby is that he is friends with Milo, our precious silver Labrador who is fighting cancer. Wallenby decided to donate part of his winning to his friend Milo. Who said Christmas was the season of giving? Halloween is a reason good enough too!

Wallenby french bulldog NHV halloween GIveaway Winner

For our dance party on Instagram, we had some spookily cute cats and dogs join in. Here are some treats for your eyes.

cute dog dressed for NHV halloween dance party
Rise and..shine
Blind Cat Donovan dressed as witch for NHV's Halloween Dance party
Donovan let the flying monkeys loose
Poofy pomeranian at NHV Halloween dance party for pets
Poofy looked for a pot of treats
cute cat kio dposing with a spider for NHV halloween party
Cute cat Kiko brought a friend along
polly bangal cat instagram for halloween NHV
Polly’s friends with the monsters under her tree
tuva basset hound posing for halloween with NHV dance party
Tuva the basset is enjoying a chilling night
bengal cat siberia nhv halloween 0271
Treat or treat!
Honey Tapley Enjoying Their Halloween!

Honey’s cats put up a spooky show. They are the cutest little kitties celebrating Halloween.

kitty mojito halloween nHV 2017
Kitty Mojito’s got the moves. Watch her dance video by clicking the picture.
Milo the silver lab cancer dog nhv Halloween 2017
Milo our cancer champ is actually super Milo!
Chaya dog in witch's hat nhv halloween 2017
Chaya’s posing for Halloween treats
casper cat from singapore dressed for NHV Halloween Dance Pawty
Peanut’s doing an awesome dance. Click the picture to watch the video.
What about bobs instagram NHV 2017
Bobs does a jiggle jiggle to MJ’s thriller. Click the picture to watch.
Pumpkin cat URI NHV halloween 2017
Pumpkin is off to the rescue. Watch her dance by clicking the picture.
Oggie cancer dog NHV halloween 2017
Oggie won’t let cancer beat her Halloween moves. Click the picture to watch her go.
tuxedo cat halloween rocket rap
Watch rocket wiggle his tuxedo tummy by clicking the picture
zimba cat pumpkin nhv 2017
Zimba brought some pumpkin spice to the party
chaya may be little nhv 2017 dog supergirl
Chaya changed outfits and now she’s a supergirl dog
maggie wag cat 2017
Maggie brought treats for the whole gang

All our Halloween party guests were simply adorable. Make sure you click on each one of them coz some of them are videos you don’t want to miss. All participants of #NHVHalloweenDancePawty got a 10% off coupon code to use in their shopping from us. And our little nugget Wallenby too has started his Multi Essentials. It looks like it was a furry special Halloween indeed and now we are all prepped up for a furry merry Christmas. Stay close to us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to never miss a chance to celebrate with us and get special prizes.

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Published: December 16, 2017

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