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NHV’s Pet Mom’s Life Contest Winners

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NHV’s Pet Mom’s Life Contest Winners

We wanted to make pet moms feel extra special last month, as they are like no other. In celebration of Mother’s Day month, we decided to throw a contest exclusively for all the moms who go the extra mile and share that special bond with their fur baby. In addition to the enormous amount of health, well-being, friendship, and support we gain from pet parenting, any mom has experienced that unconditional love – the one displayed through a gentle nudge of a nose or a swish of the tail. Despite all we receive in return, we figured one day wasn’t long enough to celebrate and appreciate all that mothers and mother figures do.

Every mom appreciates being pampered at the spa and NHV supplements, so we reached out to our community to share pictures and nominate the best pet mom they know. The responses were amazing, and our team received such wonderful stories of love and devotion. We awarded prizes for the most heartwarming pet mom story chosen by our jury, best pet mom by votes, and selected one lucky pet mom by random selection. We even had assistance from our very own office kitties- Jonika and Zimba.

Thank you to all the entrants who participated in the contest, making it such a success, and sharing the sweetest heartwarming stories. Some made us say ‘awww’ and others nearly brought us to tears. Congratulations to Kristina, Chris, and Melody for winning the ‘A Pet Mom’s Life’ Contest!’ Check out the paw-adorable winners below.

7 years ago I was on vacation and flew home after my Greyhound experienced a spinal stroke.  I came home to put him down, but his eyes said don’t give up on me.  He had bariatric therapy, pool therapy, and underwater treadmill therapy.  He went from not using his back legs at all to wearing a boot and harness.  He warms a Mom’s heart with his daily inspiration and love.
Being a Mother doesn’t mean being related to someone by blood. It means loving someone unconditionally and with your whole heart. This kind of love makes her a special pet mom.
She’s always looking for the best for her babies.

To all the pet moms out there – Your fur babies love you. Between the late nights, early mornings, unconditional love, and snuggles… Thank you for providing all the love and support that you do on a daily basis.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” –

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Published: June 24, 2018

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