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Saddle Thrombus in Cats: BobBob was facing hind leg paralysis

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Saddle Thrombus in Cats: BobBob was facing hind leg paralysis

It can rightly be described as the worst nightmare of every cat parent. Saddle Thrombus (or Saddle Thrombosis) is an uncomfortable condition that occurs most commonly in cats. It is often caused by heart disease but it can also be completely spontaneous. It is also referred to as aortic thromboembolism because it starts as a blood clot in the left atrium of the heart which moves into the aorta. The clot can then get stuck between the aorta and the iliac arteries, leading to loss of blood flow to the hind legs.

It can happen suddenly out of nowhere with no early signs to watch out for. Checking for symptoms of heart disease can be helpful but not always. Most cat parents discover it when the affected kitty is found yowling in discomfort unable to move the hindquarters. The prognosis is sad, but then again miracles sometimes happen. BobBob is one of those miracles.

saddle thrombus in cat causes

Allison’s senior cat BobBob left the vets stunned when he made a recovery from Saddle Thrombus. The little fighter is now supported by NHV supplements and continues to hop, skip and jump like a young kitten.

One night in early May, 14 y/o cat Orangey BobBob was rushed to the 24/7 vet after he had a sudden serious medical emergency that caused him to lose mobility in his back legs. The vets ran tests and determined that he’d had a Saddle Thrombus; a serious blood clot that lodges near the arteries that branch out to the hind legs and tail, preventing blood flow and causing paralysis to the hind legs and tail. We were told that many cats do not survive this or may face hind leg paralysis forever, but BobBob would not give up! Within mere hours he was up and using his legs again! The vets were shocked at his recovery.
orangey bobo instagram
After he returned home, a friend of mine suggested NHV supplements to help keep our little orange miracle as healthy as possible. Ever since BobBob has been taking Hearty Heart and Turmeric from NHV every morning and every night as prescribed and he is doing better than ever! He has lots of energy and loves to climb, jump and run; his coat is shiny and soft, and the best part is his 4+ months and counting with no further incidents! He loves routines and knows the drill now and takes his medicine, or what we call his “medi” twice a day like a good boy. He is a spry orange panther and NHV helps him stay strong and guard his domain, stalk his prey, and jump, climb and play!
orange cat playing bobbob

BobBob is a miraculous cat and his human is now supporting the miracle with Hearty Heart and Turmeric.

Update May 2019: 

We love getting updates like this one. We are so happy to have helped our miracle boy! Here’s his mom update about BobBob:

Follow BobBob on Instagram to see him do everything he loves.

orange cat
saddle thrombus cat supplements

NHV Hearty-Heart is a great supplement for supporting cardiac function. The herbs in it are beneficial for various heart-related conditions – heart failure, hypertension, heart murmurs, saddle thrombus, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy… and they work preventively too! Studies show that curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmerichas the power to prevent heart failure.

Vet approved heart murmur support

The two come together in a kit called Cardiomyopathy Kit. Omega 3 fatty acids will also be helpful in this situation and hence, NHV Pet Omega 3 is also a useful recommendation that NHV Pet Experts have made to Allison for BobBob.

johnathon cat with omega 3 from NHV
Johnathon cat with omega 3 from NHV

We are all crossing paws for this little orange panther and sticking close to his mom to tweak his regimen as he ages. While Saddle Thrombus mostly troubles kitties, there are heart conditions that certain dog breeds are very vulnerable to. If you want to get any holistic advice for your kitty, get in touch with an NHV Pet Expert today. We love your pet, naturally.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: October 2, 2018

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