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Lymphoma Gold Support


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Small dose of NHV ES Clear shows effect in cat with lymphoma

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Small dose of NHV ES Clear shows effect in cat with lymphoma

Cancer tales aren’t smooth and easy. They run through ups and downs and our furry children sometimes present various kinds of complications. Meet Brady, a handsome one-eyed Maine Coon coping with lymphoma holistically. Brady’s regime includes our Lymphoma Gold Kit which has three supplements in it. Brady has lately started rejecting his meals with the supplements mixed in them. However, when his mom Linnea manages to give him even a single dose, she notices the difference it brings instantly. Brady is more like himself, perky and healthy. Well, let this story tell itself by sharing the comments we exchanged with Brady’s mum.

Our nine-year-old Maine Coon boy, Brady, was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma in June. We’ve kept him on ES Clear since the end of June, with our vet’s approval to do so as well. He’s not hit complete remission yet–there are other medical issues including osteomyelitis and FHV-1–but we’ve noticed that whenever he’s had his dose of ES Clear, he perks up considerably. We’ve tried giving it to him directly via syringe in the mouth, putting it in food and in treats. Because he gets “wise” to the fact we’re requiring him to take something, we vary the methods every few weeks (or else he goes into hiding mode when we want him to take it). Right now, mixing it in with vitamin supplement tube gels for cats is working best. We need to let it get to room temperature though because he doesn’t like anything cold. We believe that the ES Clear–along with the other NHV supplements–is keeping him strong through chemo.

Upon receiving this review, we immediately responded asking why Brady isn’t taking the proper dosage. And this is what his mum had to tell us:

We’ve been doing the best we can in dosing him with the Lymphoma Gold trio, but over the months Brady has become less than cooperative and is becoming “smart” to treats that don’t smell quite right. So I cut things back, using only ES Clear, which I felt was the most important, and then adding in Tripsy or Felimm if he’s in a more tolerant mood. Some days he’ll take all three, twice a day. Other days, I’m lucky if I can get one dose of ES Clear in him. Syringing it down his mouth is out for now. He became too stressed out. We’ve just changed oncologists to one we feel is a bit more responsive to him, and that seems to have reduced some of his stress.

This leads us to suggest a few tricks that often come in handy with supplements dosage.

Goats milk or yogurt, chicken or beef baby food (slightly heated so it brings out the yummy flavors).  A veterinary canned food that also works well because it is so palatable is called A/D from a prescription diet.  It is slightly high in fat but a small amount will be ok just to add with the supplements.  It is best if you can heat up to bring out the flavor. Pureed pumpkin has also been effective in helping to administer supplements.

To these suggestions, we received another challenging reply.

The A/D from Prescription Diet is a new one—I’ll give that a try. He refuses baby food and any people’s food, actually. He hates yogurt and milk. He won’t touch Pill Pockets. We’ve been heating his food for years—it’s the only way he’ll take it (unlike his brother, Chessie, who eats anything and everything).

It may be syringe time again, though I hate doing that because it stresses him out completely. His cancer is in his throat/lymph glands and chest. Forcing anything down his throat is uncomfortable for him. Plus, he’s a big Maine Coon and he fights it—it takes my husband and me together to syringe him. I fear I waste more ES Clear than he gets because I end up throwing out what’s in the tube cream supplements or uneaten food. I’m even adding it to their water bowls, as a last resort. But I keep buying it because I believe it works, and when he does get a standard amount, he’s noticeably more energetic.

If I can only get some down him consistently. He enjoys chasing (and eating) the little lizards on our pool area patio. Now, if I could inject the ES Clear into the lizards—we might have a winner!

Oh wow. Brady knows the herbal blends are helping him and even one small dose of NHV ES Clear brings about a huge difference. We know if he were to get normal dosage, he’d probably go into remission quickly. Some pet parents with stubborn cats give up too soon, sacrificing the benefits of these herbal blends. We appreciate Brady’s mom, Linnea for trying continuously.

Cancer survivor Theodore "Teddy" (black) his bro Simon and their beautiful husky sister Kaia. Alvin my third kitty is photo shy
Cancer survivor Theodore “Teddy” (black) his bro Simon and their beautiful husky sister Kaia. Alvin his third kitty sister is photo shy

Here’s hoping that Brady takes his dosage like a good boy and his cancer soon goes into remission. We have compiled some tips to make our supplements work better for your pet. Maybe Linnea will be able to pull off some tricks from in there. By the way, sometimes plain ‘ol Vanilla ice cream helps. That’s the last resort for times when giving the supplement/remedy becomes more important than avoiding ice cream.

Do you have a cat or dog who needs holistic help or advice? We are always there. Talk to your NHV Pet Expert today!

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Published: October 23, 2017

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