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Failure to Diagnose: Bella Battles Nasal Tumor

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Failure to Diagnose: Bella Battles Nasal Tumor

We all know how frustrating it is to watch your pet feel unwell and not get any answers. They knew something was off with Bella, but the results kept coming back inconclusive. Even though cats and many other animals are masters of hiding illness– (sometimes it may not be as obvious as a change in weight or appetite)-  as pet parents, we know in our hearts when our babies are not acting like their normal selves.

Cute 4

Kitty mom Sarah first contacted us in October 2018, when she still didn’t know what was going on with her sweet kitty. Bella had been diagnosed with several masses and they were assuming it was cancer. The biopsies came back inconclusive, and so they continued to rule out other possibilities as they live in an area with a high incidence of Valley Fever. They were also checking for other diseases such as aspergillosis, histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, and more obscure fungal infections.

Eventually, a CT scan showed that Bella had a small mass in her brain, a nasal tumor, located close to her nose. She has a pulmonary nodule and a large mass almost blocking her right nostril with one starting or carrying over to her left nostril. They found three distinct masses that were creating respiratory issues.

Jewelry Thief

Bella had three tumors: nasal, brain, and lung. She was only showing symptoms of the nasal tumor which were significant and included; bloody drainage that became constant, noisy breathing, considerable congestion, and difficulty breathing and sleeping. She was also swallowing a lot, so our Pet Experts recommended some cancer-fighting supplements and respiratory support to help provide relief from the congestion. We keep in touch with Sarah and get regular updates on Bella’s health.

October 2018

Overall Bella is very healthy right now, she has gained all of her weight back, great appetite, everything is normal in the litter box. She actually seems to be breathing a bit better, we were hoping that the extra bleeding represented her clearing some of the mass. My resp-aid should be arriving today and I will be adding that to the supplement party.

April 2019

Greetings! I am so happy to report that Bella is kicking cancer’s butt with the help of your wonderful supplements. She had radiation therapy which was a huge success and is now on light chemotherapy. So far she has had no side effects of anything, however, this last blood test showed her ALT increased. She has historically been in the 50-60 range and she is at 129. Her oncologist prescribed [a liver supplement] once per day and I am wondering which of your supplements would be best to also help. I’m guessing it is one I am already giving that I should just double up on since she takes 8 of your products!
Supplements NHV

Nowadays Bella is enjoying time spent with her family and has found some relief with clearer nasal passages and fighting cancer, naturally.

Rummy with Grandma
Radiation Grad 1
bella cat nasal tumor after radiation
Look at the little monkey on the last day of radiation – she became a radiation graduate
bella cat nasal tumor hugging her dad
Cuddling with her loving humans. Isn’t she so lovable?

“In addition to the perpetual bloody drainage, we spent several months not sleeping because she was unable to breathe with her head laying flat, so I either had to hold her head up or find creative ways to prop it up in a way that also pushed her mouth open. Not easy! So the pictures where she is sleeping peacefully represent the incredible success of her treatments.”

bella cat nasal tumor - sick sleeping
bella cat nasal tumor - sick nose
bella cat nasal tumor 1
cat sleeping peacefully

Supplements for Bella

So kitty’s mom wanted to start her holistic regimen right away- ES Clear, BK Detox, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Tripsy, and Resp Aid. Our supplements can also work as preventive natural support so we highly recommend reaching out to us and getting started on a few even though the diagnosis is not 100% confirmed. Sara was also worried about giving Bella too many supplements, but our Vet Tech assure her it was gone.

“We have many customers who give their pets 7-10 supplements…it seems like a lot, but each formula works differently in the body and they all work synergistically together. There would be no need to give them on separate days, they can all be given together. When giving a large number of supplements together it’s easiest to take some time and sit down and make up the doses ahead of time. Once you get a firm diagnosis, we can go back and look at which supplements are the most necessary, but they’re all very beneficial in their own way.”

– Johanna (NHV ‘s Registered Vet Tech)

Do you have a kitty fighting cancer? You are not alone. Contact an NHV Pet Expert for help and support. We know it can be tough, but we are here for you. ❤︎

Finding Out Your Cat Has A Tumor Or Feline Cancer Is Frightening!

Bert the cat is beating the odds against cancer naturally!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: June 29, 2019

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