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Supplements for Super Scooty, The Happiest Dog on Earth

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 2 min read
Super scooty - Happiest dog

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could have hurt this happy, adorable dog. Scooty was hit by a car in Mexico. She dragged her back end around until she was rescued. The vets didn’t know if she would walk again, but Scooty had found her ride—a loving family in California. Her mom found out about Scooty, her accident, and approached her rescuers online. The family has given her an incredible new life of happiness and love.

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Her moms brought her home, helped her scoot comfortably, and find her way around the house. Her contagious smile and her will to keep rolling, rain, snow or shine, earned her the title of the happiest dog on earth. She is now scooting around, wobbling, and rolling into the hearts of everyone she meets, covering them in kisses and smiles.

We put together a regimen to help her joints, digestion, prevent and treat UTIs, and support her immune system.

When we heard about Scooty and her amazing story, we instantly fell in love and reached out to find out if she needed any holistic support. Her mom shared details from the recent vet visit with us. We put together a regimen to help her joints, digestion, prevent and treat UTI’s and support her immune system.

Scooty is a great reminder that one should never hesitate from giving a second chance to the special ones and the needy ones. If we give love and place our trust in them, they will bloom like happy flowers.

We wanted to do what we could to help Scooty continue being the happiest dog on earth. And we are glad our supplements were able to do just that! We are always here to help special needs pets with holistic recommendations. Our supplements can be integrated with your pet’s medications and other therapies like hydro or laser therapy too. If you have a special little one in your life, please don’t hesitate from reaching out and finding out what we can do to make her life healthier and happier, naturally.

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Published: August 12, 2019

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