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Milk Thistle for Cats

100% Natural Liver and Kidney Detox and Cancer Support in Cats

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Support For Cat Liver Disease – Lisa’s Story

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Lisa having liver disease

This story shows how being mindful of slight changes in your pet’s behavior can be the difference between life and death. When Lisa’s appetite and activity level changed, her mama, Inna, could never have imagined what the vet would later find. Lisa was diagnosed with cat liver disease caused by a large abdominal mass covering over half of her liver. But the biggest surprise came two months later when Lisa proved, against all odds, that high-grade liver cancer in cats isn’t a lost cause. Read all about how Lisa continues to live way past the life expectancy for high-grade liver cancer in cats, leaving her vet speechless.

Diagnosing Cat Liver Disease

What started as a precautionary vet visit quickly escalated into a grim prognosis. Inna first took her cat, Lisa, to the vet because she noticed changes in her appetite and energy levels. Seeing as these are common symptoms of many issues, the vet requested a routine laboratory test to check Lisa’s organ function. The results showed dangerously high liver enzyme levels.

After a moment of hesitation, the vet delivered us the bad news. The blood results were extremely abnormal, and the vet confessed that she was surprised my cat was still alive.

Elevated liver enzymes in cats are the first sign of liver issues. Ultrasounds are more effective in confirming a cat liver disease diagnosis. It was an ultrasound that helped Lisa’s vet find a large abdominal mass covering over half of her liver. 

Lisa, a black cat with cat liver disease, laying on a bed cuddled up in white sheets

Natural Support For Cat Liver Disease

The vet considered surgical intervention to analyze and treat the possible liver cancer. But, Lisa’s advanced age and blood clotting issues didn’t make her a good candidate for surgery. Her mom was torn but wasn’t ready to give up on her furkiddo. And that’s when she found NHV!

One part of me was screaming: do everything possible, be proactive, this is the only possible chance. The other half of me was against putting a weak older animal through all this. I felt deep down that the odds weren’t that good. After a few days of tormenting thoughts and battle with myself, I decided that it would be more humane to keep Lisa home and make her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Inna’s research led her to the story of Nate, another kitty that bravely fought gastrointestinal lymphoma with the help of our main cancer support formula, NHV ES-Clear. After speaking to our pet experts, Inna started mixing our Pet Cancer Super Support Kit into Lisa’s food twice daily.

This kit contains three of our vet-formulated, all-natural supplements, NHV Milk Thistle, NHV ES-Clear, and NHV Turmeric. ES-Clear and Turmeric work together to support Lisa’s body as she fights against the tumors. Whereas Milk Thistle takes the leading role when it comes to liver problems in cats.

How Milk Thistle Helped Lisa

Milk thistle has been used for thousands of years by humans for its powerful medicinal properties, and it can also be used to address liver problems in cats. This herb has properties that promote the natural regeneration of the liver, help stimulate healthy liver function, and help normalize elevated liver enzymes in cats. 

Within a week, Lisa’s body started showing the effects of her new herbal regimen. Inna noticed her cat had her energy back and was even playing with her toys again, like her good old self. Test results confirmed what Lisa’s behavior already showed, she was going against all odds and beating cat liver cancer. 

When I got up and checked the recorded message, I dropped my jaw. It was our vet calling on her day off. She received Lisa’s blood work results and couldn’t believe her eyes. With excitement in her voice, she reported some amazing results.

Lisa’s liver enzymes and complete blood count after she started taking NHV supplements show the transformation.

Chart comparing Lisa's liver enzyme levels before and after taking NHV's herbal supplements.
I’m very thankful to NHV for wonderful products which extended Lisa’s life beyond our expectations. Back in September, the vet didn’t think Lisa would last even a few days in that condition. Today is May 30th and we are still enjoying Lisa’s company. It is a miracle that she is still around and doesn’t seem to be in distress.

We’re so thrilled to know that Lisa’s liver values have improved and that she is making more happy memories with her furmily!

We love hearing transformation stories like Lisa’s. Is your furkiddo also a fearless warrior who beat all odds! Tap the button below to chat with us and share your pet’s inspiring recovery tale.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: June 18, 2022

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