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Matricalm for Cats

Natural Help for Stress Reduction, Anxiety Relief, Behavioral Problems, and Aggression in Cats

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Thanks to You, We Can Help Animals in Need

NHV Gives Back 4 min read
patra with the donation cheque

We are always looking for different ways to help animals all around the globe, so we were thrilled when holistic nutritionist and animal advocate Kaitlin reached out to us in September asking for support. Also an old-time customer and friend, Kaitlin introduced us to Paws and Tails – a non-profit organization where she has been volunteering and shared with us their needs. After looking through their photos, we fell in love with the rescue animals and the people there who sacrifice a lot in order to help abandoned pets find a furrever loving home.

Who is Paws and Tails Organization?

Paws and Tails Adoptions is a non-profit organization in which their founder, Shirley, and volunteers are trying their best to save pets that are due to be euthanized or abandoned on the street.

After just 2 weeks of volunteering at the rescue, Kaitlin reached out to us on her own accord. She saw many rescue kitties who are in need of food, health support, and a furrever home, but as a non-profit, they have limited resources. That, however, didn’t stop her from reaching out to other organizations to look for support, as were happy to help!

One of the kitties at the Paws and Tails rescue organization. We help animals in need just like this little one.
One of the rescue kitties at Paws and Tails organization. How cute!

As animal lovers ourselves, we are grateful to Paws and Tails Adoptions for doing so much to help these furkiddos in need. They inspired us to do more to help change the lives of these kitties, and we knew we could count on other NHV furmilies out there to help. And so, we decided to create a donation campaign that would allow everyone to show their love to these little ones.

Fundraising Campaign to Help Animals

We created a TikTok donation video, where the viewers could easily leave a like or share with their friends. The purpose of using a mainstream platform like TikTok was to give the beautiful work of Paws and Tails a higher visibility. We started by asking Kaitlin for additional photos of all the adorable feline friends at the shelter. These pictures melted our hearts, and we are head over heels for these sweeties!

Three kitties recovered from chronic diarrhea and worms. Let's help animals in need today.
Len, Flo, and Eva – the adorable trio that got rescued and recovered from chronic diarrhea and worms. They stopped eating and were on IV support for a while because of the stubborn worms. But luckily, they had a volunteer who foster them and did everything she could to care for them. After some time, the kitties started to eat again and are healing. Our paws are crossed for their continued strength.

We gathered 133 new followers on TikTok and 1047 views!

From November 3 to November 18, we donated $10 for every new follower on our TikTok page and an extra $100 for every 100 views in the video. And in the end, we raised $2377! We were so thankful for everyone that helped that we decided to round up the donation to a total of $2500.

It’s been so exciting to see the funds go in to support all the animals in need at Paws and Tails Adoptions. The whole NHV team has our fingers and paws crossed in hopes that these furkiddos find their forever homes soon and live the pampered life they deserve!

Natural Supplements for Rescue Pets

At NHV, we designed a bundle that can help support rescue furkiddos with the most common concerns. These little ones may live with multiple pets at the shelters or move a couple of times during their adoption or foster process. It takes time for some pets to adapt to a new environment, and these constant changes can be very stressful for them.

That’s where NHV Shelter Pet Happy Start Kit comes in to help support these little ones in adjusting to their new life with the help of Matricalm, Multi Essentials, and Plantaeris.

Stress and anxiety in pets lead to aggressive behavior and can affect even their immune system. That’s why we formulated calming and soothing supplements like NHV Matricalm. It can help reduce anxiety and undesirable behaviors in pets.

One of the black cats at the rescue organization. Help animals in need today by donating to your local pet shelter!
Abandoned furkiddos are prone to GI issues and malnourish because they didn’t get enough nutritional food. Most of the food they get from the shelter relies on donations, and quality may vary. We hope that this fundraising event can help animals in need at the Paws and Tails organization to have a proper meal.

Anxiety may also lead to decreased appetite, which is why we also include NHV Multi Essentials in the kit. Multi Essentials can help fill nutritional voids as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

In addition to decreased appetite, stress and anxiety can also cause gastrointestinal issues. NHV Plantaeris can help soothe the digestive tract and promote regular bowel function. This can be especially helpful when you just got a new kitty or puppy and are still trying to find a diet that works well for them.

We are happy to contribute to an organization that pours its hearts and souls out to help animals. We know how expensive it can be to care for these furkiddos. This is why we have a discount program for Canadian, and USA rescues with a confirmed non-profit status. If you volunteer at a registered rescue or help a non-profit organization that could use a special discount from us, share with them our rescue discount sign-up page.

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Published: December 16, 2022

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