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Toothless Tigger’s happy tale – autoimmune disease and rodent ulcers

Inspiring Pet Tails 5 min read
Toothless Tigger’s happy tale – autoimmune disease and rodent ulcers

When Tigger’s mom, Honey Tapley, got to know about our natural remedies and supplements, she knew she needed to get some for Tigger but adding anything to Tigger’s sensitive situation was a complex decision. This toothless cat suffers from auto-immune-related disorders often leading to rodent ulcers (stomatitis). We recommended a holistic regime for this fur baby and discussed his progress at every step. Tigger’s sibling cats like the adorable Jim also shared some of his remedies as overall wellbeing support and experienced noticeable improvements.

Tigger and Jim cats cuddled together NHV Natural cat remedies

After a few days, here’s what their mom told us!

NHV Natural Pet Products has been so beneficial to our fur kids. In particular, our cat, Tigger, has auto-immune issues. In conjunction with the care he receives from our vet, ES Clear and Nature’s Immuno have helped him not have flares of his symptoms as he has in the past. NHV Natural Pets will be a part of our lives for keeps. He is doing amazing on their supplements. He has not had one flare-up in a month. Even his eyes don’t water and crust nearly as much and the lysine never seemed to help that issue, so this is an unexpected bonus. So the two immune supplements from NHV really are helping

These thoughtful words from Tigger’s mom are very encouraging. We are going to stay close to this toothless bundle of love to make sure we are prepared to tweak his holistic regime as needed. While ES-Clear is directly acting on the ulcer-causing tendency of his body, Natures Immuno is helping restore balance in his immune system. ES-Clear has herbs like Sheep Sorrel that can scavenge free radicals and ease discomfort. Natures Immuno has medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tails and Reishi. This holistic regimen helps boost the body’s natural immunity against disease and helps restore normal immune health.

How NHV Natures Immune helps cats
How NHV Natures Immuno helps cats

The next supplement we are going to add to his regime is BK Detox. This will help do a blood cleanse for Tigger, detoxify his vitals, and will keep the rodent ulcer flares from reoccurring. We are positive that after adding this one, Tigger will have an even happier tale to share with everyone. We wish this lovely fur family healthy purrs always.

cat with autoimmune disease
Tigger getting crosseyed over NHV’s My Little Lion Salmon flavored Treats

Rodent ulcer, unlike what its name suggests, has nothing to do with a rodent bite. Autoimmune issues in cats can cause the skin around the mouth to flare up into ulcers. Many pet parents believe it is an allergy or a seasonal breakout, but it is indeed an autoimmune disorder. Do you know a cat or dog with autoimmune issues? Please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to get a holistic opinion on the treatment ahead. Depending upon the type of autoimmune disease and the stage of symptoms, we will recommend the NHV remedies that can help.

Updates November 2017

Tigger rodent ulcer before taking NHV supplements
Today marks 3 months since Tigger has been on @nhvnaturalpet supplements. Tigger is only a year and a half old but has struggled with autoimmune issues since he was 16 weeks old. He had to have all of his teeth removed due to severe stomatitis and juvenile periodontal disease; which actually caused his jaw to start disintegrating. He also has suffered from plasma cell podermatitis, which infects the paw pads, and rodent ulcers, which infect the mouth. He has had many bouts of rodent ulcers; the most recent of which was in July. Each infection lasted weeks to months. The last infection was not going away from his normal steroid prescription. That is when I found @nhvnaturalpet. They were hosting their selfie giveaway. These supplements have changed and saved our lives. The first month I started with ES Clear; the second I added Natures Immuno; and the third, Milk Thistle. This month I will add the essential multi-vitamins. NHV Natural Pets answers every question I have and works with their vets to make sure their supplements complement the medications from our vet. The first 3 photos are Tigger enjoying the supplements in his Halo Pets grain-free food. He also likes to eat it in organic pumpkin. And he is quite spoiled because when he was so sick I had to hand feed him. Now he likes to eat from utensils and the backside of the butter knife is his favorite and easiest to access. The last pictures are photos of different mouth infection events. He has not had a flare of his issues since starting these supplements.
Rodent ulcer cat tigger taking NHV remedies
Tigger rodent ulcer before taking NHV supplements

Update: September 2018

In June Honey was running low on the supplements and Tigger seemed to be doing really well. Honey tried to lower the dose and push the remaining supplements for a little longer but within a few days, Tiggs had another Rodent Ulcer flare.  Tigger is finding a chronic condition and there was very little room for changes in his regimen. We are still focusing on keeping him on the current regimen for a few more months and then slowly start slimming it down to the bare essential remedies and supplements.

Once his dosage was brought back to the therapeutic one, Tigger was back at being the adorable and playful gummy bear he is.

They saved Tigger’s life when conventional pharmaceuticals alone were no longer working. He takes six different products daily and has a great quality of life. It takes a village to raise a Gummy Bear and I am so thankful for @nhvnaturalpet.
tigger selfie rodent ulcer in cats

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NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: October 7, 2017

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